VIDEO: CBS Channel 2 and Yahoo News Features Hilda, 93-yr-old Widow Facing Eviction from Fraudulent Foreclosure

CBS Channel 2 local news featured the story of Hilda Vinals, 93-year-young widow and active Occupy Fights Foreclosures participant, in their 5:00 and 11:00 news on August 31. The reporter, Amy Johnson, managed to pack a lot of the complicated story into a short amount of time. I (Suzanne O'Keeffe) was also interviewed for the story. The story was also featured on Yahoo! News.

Our investigation into Hilda's documents found that Hilda's foreclosure sale is VOID due to clear violations of civil code procedure. Her documents were also filled with known robosigners including robosigning notaries.

“They would have to take me out by forcing me. I won’t leave by myself, no,” Vinalas said.

But she’s prepared to get kicked out, just in case.

“I will be happy on the street. I already went to practice to be homeless, but I did this for only three days because it got so cool at night. I couldn’t stand more.”

Read CBS Channel 2 story here.

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