Tell J. P. Morgan Chase to STOP STEALING NELL’S HOME!!!

Nell_cropped.pngToday's urgent OAKLAND action needs your support!

Nell Myhand was locked out of her home on Tuesday 1/22/2013 after J.P. Morgan Chase foreclosed and sold her home to Freddie Mac instead of modifying her loan to make it affordable. Join us on

Thursday 1/31/2013, from 4:30 -5:30 pm

at 1330 Broadway St (12th St BART) to protest this injustice and send J.P. Morgan Chase the message to work with Nell. For regular updates go to

Show your support – Sign Nell’s petition here; - phone/fax/e-mail blast Today! (sample RAP at end) J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Tel: 212-270-1111; Fax: 212-270-1121; e-mail address;

STOP THE AUCTIONS AND EVICTIONS! We refuse to be made homeless for the profit of the 1%

Hello – My name is ______ and I am calling to demand that J.P. Morgan Chase stop tormenting Nell Myhand. J.P. Morgan Chase ran Nell around refusing to modify the loan because they make more profit foreclosing and evicting us. Housing is a human right. I want Jamie Dimon to use his power to stop the eviction and work with Nell to keep her home. Thank you.



Nell Myhand (1329 E. 32nd St Oakland CA 94602) lived with her partner, Synthia, for over ten years. They fell behind on their mortgage payments after Synthia became disabled and Nell lost her job. Synthia has been forced to move into assisted living because of the stress of threatened eviction. After they spent over two years and hundreds hours pursuing an affordable mortgage payment through the loan modification process, Freddie Mac, which was bailed out by tax payer dollars refused to approve a loan modification and supported J.P. Morgan Chase in foreclosing and evicting Nell. 

Freddie Mac and J.P. Morgan Chase are now giving conflicting reasons as to why they did not modify the loan. They threatened to change the locks trying to bully Nell into leaving. Nell and Synthia have already paid over 2/3 of the value of their home but face being made homeless and being left with nothing. We demand that J.P. Morgan Chase work with Nell.

Supporters to date: Berkeley Unitarian Universalists, Boots Riley; Causa Justa Just Cause; Commemoration Committee of the Black Panther Party; Eastside Arts Alliance, Ecumenical Peace Institute, Every Mother is a Working Mother; Global Women’s Strike; Haiti Action Committee; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network; Payday Men’s Network; Oakland/Bay Area stop foreclosures ad hoc working group; Paul Kivel, No2 HousingCrime; US PROStitutes Collective; Queer Strike; Ruckus Society; Sister Circle; Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike; activists in Occupy Oakland, friends & others…

For more info: call Nell Myhand at 510.302.7459 or email

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