SUPPORT: Occupy Claremont Call to Action!

Occupy Fights Foreclosures fully endorse & supports this action.  PLEASE SHARE & JOIN!

Occupy Claremont Call to Action!

Come at 6:15 to hand out flyers and hold signs!!

When: July 24th (Tuesday)
What Time: 6:15 to 7:00 pm
Where: Claremont City Council Chambers, 225 West 2nd Street

Join us to urge the Claremont City Council to:

Move the City of Claremont’s money from Bank of America

and to conduct a transparent bidding process, i.e. make public information the names and addresses of all banks receiving and submitting bids and the content of their bids for citizen review; and

Pass a Responsible Banking Ordinance

that promotes banking with local or regional businesses who have a record of community investment and demonstrate good corporate citizenship through local charitable giving and volunteering.

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SUPPORT: Occupy Claremont Call to Action!
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