Occupy Fights Foreclosures Statement regarding Recent Announcement of Guidelines Changes on the Keep Your Home California Program.

Los Angeles—The news of a more embracing set of guidelines from KYHCA, is most welcome and encouraging.

So many Californians have lost their homes because they did not fit into the stringent guideline requirements of KYHCA’s restrictive program even though there were plenty of resources available to help distressed homeowners. Those distressed homeowners losing their most precious lifetime asset, their homes, to banks and servicers utilizing fraudulent means to take over homes.

Those fraudulent activities continue today with little or no government oversight.

KYHCA’s new and proactive guidelines generate hope and finally relief to homeowners and communities up and down the State.

It is good when government supports its people first before the interests of Wall Street.

We Hope that the remainder $1.4 Billion Of the $2 Billion California received in 2010 can be used as quickly as possible and that more aid be allocated to help struggling homeowners.

We laud this accomplishment and all the effort that went into it.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures

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Kamala Harris is a joke when it comes to helping Ca. homeowners.I contacted her when Bank of America was stealing my home and all I received from her was a nice little letter saying she could not help me.I also contacted the FBI and I asked about the 2 billion dollar settlement for Ca. homeowners and how Brown had stolen the settlement to balance his budget.I was told I could not receive a free home,that the bank had a right to foreclose on me,so as a senior in Ca. I have no faith in this system,they are only supporting the banks and until that changes,we homeowners are lost.I am totally supportive of Occupy,they seem to be making a difference for us Ca. homeowners.
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Occupy Fights Foreclosures, affiliated with OccupyLA, stands up against the nationwide foreclosure crisis. We support, educate and empower homeowners at risk to save their homes from fraudulent foreclosure.