Sign petition for Blanca!

Thanks to Albert, Karen, Martha and several others, we have a petition up on to support Blanca Cardenas. Please sign it right now!

The petition needs 100 signatures to be distributed at the national level. It calls on President Obama to assist to ensure that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) grants Blanca a Deferred Action that allows her to remain in the US.

Blanca was arrested while defending her home from a fraudulent foreclosure and subsequently deported in what seems like an intimidation tactic. Blanca is the wife of a US citizen and mother of two US-born children. Her youngest child is less than two-years old. Thanks to the great efforts of so many -- including OFF, OLA, Buen Hogar Foundation, Hermandad Mexicana, and her immigration attorney -- Blanca is back in the US temporarily until September 21. We call for her to be free to stay with her US-citizen family permanently.

You can sign the petition to help this brave mom and family here.

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