Occupy Fights Foreclosures Questions Kamala Harris at CA Democrats State Convention

Homeowners and activists from Occupy Fights Foreclosures challenged the California Attorney General Kamala Harris record on foreclosure and mortgage fraud. 

The US Senator candidate brags about her $18 billion mortgage fraud settlement that in fact did more for the banks than homeowners. The present foreclosure crisis has cost California around a $1 trillion and she settled for $18 billion. Is that justice? The agreement (sweetheart deal) has not stopped the banks from stealing people's homes and in fact they continue to break the rules and laws set by the State of California.

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As long as we continue to allow crimes to benefit felons, we will never recover. Felons are having a hay day with credit creation behind the scenes and using homeowners to buy insurance policies many times the amount of breached contract amount.
commented 2015-05-17 19:04:07 -0700 · Flag
My expert witness Lynn Szymoniak wrote me an affidavit to prove Pite Duncan LLP and Anglin Flewelling Rasmussen Campbell and Trytten used Fraudulent Assignment of Deed of Trust in Federal Court. I presented crimes to Harris and Federal Court. The Federal Judge Bauer is an ex-BofA bankruptcy attorney who now sits as a Federal Judge supports 3rd party debt collector and ignored crimes in courtroom 5D. Harris office presented crimes as well -—Zero to stop misconduct 3rd party debt collectors as the attorneys file fraudulent documents in attempt to reconnect the unsecured debt . What have we come to? Very sad moment in history whereby federal felonies are acceptable. Since when do people pay on criminal breach contracts involved with securities fraud on securities market? Lynn Szymonial by the way assisted Attorney Generals secured Billion dollar settlement. Yet, Harris’ office does not Prosecute Pite Duncan LLP collecting profits as a 3rd party debt collector as Pite Duncan lies in courts posing as attorneys for other parties.
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