Public Comment at City Council: Newest Members of Occupy Family

The following was read at LA City Council during Public Comment 3/28/12


The Newest Members of of the Occupy Family

In the Occupy movement we have the concept of the "occu-family". Well, I would like to introduce you to the newest members of the Occu-family. Do you see that woman there in the wheel chair?  She is my new sister.  Her name is Ingrid.  My sister Ingrid suffers from a condition called Toxic Plasmosis Cerebral Palsy. My sister Ingrid suffers greatly. She cries out in agony.

Well there are groups of people whose actions will cause my sister Ingrid to suffer even more.

Do you see that lday with my sister Ingrid?  That is my new mother, Dirma.  She has been Ingrid's mother for 27 years. And the house they live in has been fraudulently foreclosed upon. And on Monday, my sister Igrid and our mother were unlawfully evicted from the only home my sister Ingrid has ever known.  You see, this house ise just any house. 

It is the house the family build around my sister Ingrid's special needs. There is a ramp on the front porch, so that my sister Ingrid can walk down the front porch into the rose garden that my new fmaily had planted for my new sister for her 15th birthday. 

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i wonder if that’s formally called Toxoplasmosis.
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