[Press Release] Homeowners and Occupy Fights Foreclosures Ask Attorney General Harris, "How Many Banks Have You Brought To Trial?"


WHO:       Homeowners, Economic Justice Advocates, Occupy Fights Foreclosures

WHAT:     Homeowners to Occupy A.G. Kamala Harris' Los Angeles Office to Ask A.G. Kamala Harris How Many Big Banks Has She Brought To Trial?

WHERE:  Ronald Reagan State Building, 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles CA  90013

WHEN:    11:15 AM Thursday May 23, 2013


At two-year anniversary of Mortgage Fraud Strike Force, we demand AG Harris and the Strike Force live up to its name and prosecute big banks who've broken the law for mortgage crimes

LOS ANGELES, May 23, 2013—On May 23rd, the two-year anniversary of California's Mortgage Fraud Strike Force, and as homeowners and Occupy Our Homes press for justice at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF) marches to Attorney General Kamala Harris' office to pose the same question Senator Elizabeth Warren asked federal bank regulators in her first banking committee hearing (http://youtu.be/dxhyUAWPmGw): why have no banks been taken to trial in the aftermath of the financial crisis?

Close to $90 million of the $18 billion that came to CA from the 49-state mortgage settlement went directly to the AG office's budget — five times the minuscule $18.4 million that reportedly went to homeowners. (http://www.propublica.org/special/where-are-the-foreclosure-deal-millions-going) The number of important prosecutions? Zero. Only three low level attorney scammers have been arrested. The number of bankers in jail? Zero. The number of banks brought to trial? Zero. What exactly has the Attorney General's office been doing for $90 million dollars?

On Monday, May 20th, 500 residents and activists took to the streets in our nation's capital to demand that Eric Holder hold Wall Street accountable and the Department of Justice actually serve justice to the bankers that are taking our homes. Homeowners have been arrested for insisting on justice when it should be the bankers being arrested for billions of dollars worth of crimes. We demand banks be held accountable in our own state: Kamala Harris must serve justice to the big banks that have stolen millions of Californian's homes. 

We acknowledge that AG Harris has brought suit against JPMorgan Chase for fraudulent and unlawful debt-collection practices against credit card borrowers (http://oag.ca.gov/news/press-releases/attorney-general-kamala-d-harris-announces-suit-against-jpmorgan-chase). But this is a tiny tip of the iceberg. Chase and other big banks do identical unlawful debt-collection practices when collecting on the debt of a mortgage / deed of trust by foreclosing. Robosigning is at the heart of the credit card suit. Robosigning of fraudulent documents is at the heart of virtually all foreclosure cases in all courts. 

"We are here to point out the obvious," says Carlos Marroquin, Occupy Fights Foreclosures activist. "As Senator Warren said, when banks can break the law and take in billions and billions of profits, then turn around and settle using tiny sums of money out of those profits, they don't have much incentive to follow the law. Trials give us days and days of testimony when bank employees are grilled to find out exactly what they've been up to. That information needs to be public record. We ask AG Harris what Sen Warren asked regulators: how tough are you?" 

Occupy Fights Foreclosures calls on AG Harris to within the next 6 months bring identical prosecutions against the big banks for the identical practices in mortgage and foreclosure crimes as she is prosecuting for credit card crimes. We also expect her to issue a public call to judges to regard allegations of robosigning as a serious cause of action.


Contact: Carlos Marroquin, (323) 592-4663


Read: Open Letter to Kamala Harris

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Action Details Herehttp://www.occupyfightsforeclosures.org/m23_jail_the_banksters
Jail The Banksters


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