March 12, 2012

 “Occupy the Crime Scene: County Recorder’s Office, AKA a Warehouse of Stolen Property”



WHO: Occupy Fights Foreclosures at the County Recorder’s Office to Investigate the Crime Scene
WHAT: Rally with Crime Scene Tape, Evidence Bags and Boxes, and Chalk Outlines
WHEN: Monday, March 12, 2012 at 9-11am.
WHERE: LA County Recorder’s Office 12400 IMPERIAL Hwy Norwalk, CA 90650
WHY: San Francisco County Recorder audited foreclosures and found 99% had questionable activity, 84% had a clear violation of law, and over 66% had 4 or more violations of law


LOS ANGELES - Occupy Fights Foreclosures, a sub-committee of OccupyLA, other Occupy groups, and anti-foreclosure groups will cordon off, with “crime scene tape”, the County Recorders’ offices throughout California – from Sacramento to Los Angeles – this Monday, March 12.

Dozens of anti-foreclosure groups will hold rallies and direct actions, declaring County Recorders’ offices “crime scenes” that authorities need to investigate.

Activists – fed up with the mass theft of people's homes and loss of billions of dollars to state and local government – will arrive with boxes marked "evidence: stolen property” that will contain mini-house inside with foreclosure and "bank-owned" signs on them. Some will display "Wanted" posters of big bank CEOs.

Occupiers are expected to release online on Monday a "White Paper" outlining the "theft" of people's homes. Foreclosed homeowners are expected to participate in the demonstrations, at the County Recorders, and then enter the County Recorders’ offices to inspect their home recorders for errors.

Member of Occupy Fights Foreclosures spoke via a phone conference with Los Angeles County Recorder, Dean Logan, on Wednesday. Logan assured advocates that there would be staff on hand to help homeowner print their documents. Logan will even allow for an exception to printing guidelines.

Protesters will ask county recorders to conduct independent audits offoreclosures for the past five years. A recent audit of 382 San Franciscoforeclosures found 99 percent involved questionable activity, 84 percent of them involved at least one clear violation of California's foreclosures laws. In addition, more than 66 percent contained 4 or more violations of law.

They will ask the Governor and Legislature and the Attorney General to declare an indefinite foreclosure moratorium until legal authorities complete a thorough investigation and prosecution of the fraud, and the legislature passes legislation that protects innocent homeowners from such fraud.

San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting has said: "When it became clear that property records were severely undermined, a red flag was raised. Those records are supposed to be filed with this office and many were simply missing or had serious inconsistencies. How can we expect homeowners to have fighting chance of saving their homes when they can't even find who currently owns their debt?"

“If there is one lesson to take away from this report it is that California’s foreclosure process is utterly broken," said Lou Pizante, .principal at Aequitas, the firm that audited the San Francisco foreclosure records.

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Santa Rosa (Sonoma County)
San Francisco (San Francisco County)
Los Angeles (Los Angeles County)
Sacramento (Sacramento County)
Modesto (Stanislaus County)
Fort Bragg (Mendocino County)
Eureka (Humboldt County)
Ventura (Ventura County)
Oroville (Butte County)
Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara County)
Nevada City (Nevada County)

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