February 13, 2012
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OCCUPIERS TO SAVE SOLDIER’S HOME AS BANKS GET SWEETHEART DEAL WITH SETTLEMENT Members of Occupy Rally around Army Sargent Less than a Week after Super Settlement Announced


WHO: Sargent Anthony Chavoya, his family, and Occupy Activists
WHAT: Disrupt Auction of Chavoya’s Foreclosed Home
WHEN: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 1pm
WHERE: Chino Civic Center at 13220 Central Ave, Chino, CA
WHY: BANKS BREAK HERO’S HEART by taking his family home.


Members of Occupy Rally around Army Sargent Less than a Week after Super Settlement Announced

LOS ANGELES – Sargent Anthony Chavoya, an active-duty member of the Army National Guard, contacted members of Occupy LA to help save his home from foreclosure. Sargent Chavoya’s home goes to auction on Valentine’s Day at the City of Chino Civic Center at 1pm after his bank, Wells Fargo, and other big banks negotiated a sweetheart deal with 49 state Attorney Generals for foreclosure fraud.

Sargent Chavoya has served in the Army for 14 years and has done a total of 3 tours, 2 tours in Iraq and one in Kosovo as an infantryman.

Sargent Chavoya contacted Carlos Marroquin, a homeowner advocate and Occupy LA member, after his father saw Marroquin on the news last week after an unprecedented meeting between Wells Fargo Executives and Occupiers.

Marroquin, a veteran who has lost over $300,000 in his own foreclosed home, immediately contacted Chavoya’s Congressman, Buck McKeon, who happens to chair the Armed Services Committee in Congress.

Details also emerged, February 12, from Congressional investigators that Rep. McKeon received a cut-rate mortgage loan from Countrywide as a VIP favor directly from CEO Angelo Mozilo. In contrast to infantryman Chavoya's foreclosure and pending sale, Rep. McKeon was given a favorable rate, no fees, and wasn't required to provide any documentation of ability to pay.

The Occupy movement has declared Valentine’s Day, “Break Up with Your Bank Day” with actions planned in LA and across the county. Members of Occupy LA are reaching out to Occupy groups closer to Chino to help with this specific case.

Occupy also quickly looked into securing legal representation for Sargent Chavoya. The attorney that Chavoya retained and paid has not returned his calls since receiving payment. Occupiers will help Chavoya file appropriate complaints against the lawyer with the State Bar Association and additional complaints with other agencies that may be able to help him.

Sargent Chavoya is married with two sons and his oldest son will celebrate his 8th birthday the day after the auction. Chavoya’s youngest son is only 5 years old and will have a birthday March 20th.

“Hopefully, we can help make his son’s birthday a happy celebration,” said Marroquin, whose own foreclosure ruined his marriage and strained his relationship with his own children. “The banks are breaking hearts and destroying families. We must come together to stand against them.”

A mix up in military pay schedule caused Sargent Chavoya to fall behind in his mortgage payments when he returned from Kosovo.

“In May of 2010 when I had returned from overseas in Kosovo the military had a mix-up in pay and skipped one of my paychecks. By the time my paycheck had finally gotten to me and my new stateside pay— which is substantially lower than overseas pay— had kicked in I was already two months behind on my house payment,” states Chavoya.

Sgt. Chavoya can now make mortgage payments but Wells Fargo refuses to work with him.

At the time, Wells Fargo wanted $4,090.55 in full to bring the family current – an amount that included high late fees. Sargent Chavoya asked Wells Fargo to help by removing the late fees and deferring the past due amount. Wells Fargo refused.

Sargent Chavoya applied for a loan modification by filling out all the requested paperwork and returning it to the bank. Well Fargo told Sargent Chavoya that they did not receive some of his paperwork. So, he resent the forms again. Wells Fargo continued to say they never received his paperwork after he sent it repeatedly.

“They kept saying they did not receive the paperwork we had sent them,” states Chavoya, “and they told us we were being uncooperative by not making the payment we had owed them in full -- by this time the amount due was well over $7,000.00.” Chavoya continues, “After months of going back and forth with them sending them paperwork and them telling us they had not received it we had given up.”

Sargent Chavoya was never able to catch up and the banks set a sales date by auction on Valentine’s Day, one day before their son’s birthday. Chavoya despairs about taking his children away from their family home and prays for help.


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Contact: Cheryl Aichelle 310-912-3494

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