Occupy Mr. Acosta's House in Rowland Heights

Foreclosure sign infront of house


Calling all Occupiers!  Calling all Occupiers!  Calling all Occupiers! 

We have a family in need.  We are looking for Occupiers to work in shifts to keep Mr. Acosta's front yard Occupied while we try to get him some legal help.  We will need Occupiers all week for various shift.  This is a quiet neighborhood, so we are looking for Occupiers that will be mindful of the surrounding community.   

We've had a handful of Occupiers from Occupy LA who have spent the majory of the last 2 weeks at this house, trying to help this homeowner.  We need more help.  These dedicated Occupiers are Summer Reese, Ed Cotton, Matt Ward. 

We need people willing to stay over night and we want a concentration of people there from 6am - Noon.  Volunteers can sign up for various shifts.

Summer provided up with an update below:

Matt, myself, my mother and son, and Ed Cotton have all been working on the Acosta foreclosure every day, around the clock for almost two weeks.  This last week, we stayed up all night, two nights in a row, working with the homeowner.
This family has been the victim of massive fraud on the part of bogus petition preparers, disbarred attorneys and an affinity scam that began with a fraudulent loan modification company operated out of a church, that had been previously banned by the California Department of Real Estate from engaging in loan modification operations.
The TRO requested in the sloppily drafted federal lawsuit prepared for them by a disbarred lawyer was denied on Feb. 28, 2012.  
Additionally, as this was the third time that bad paperwork improperly attempted to bring the jurisdictionally barred state court issue of unlawful detainer before the federal court, the judge sanctioned the Acosta family with a fine of $2,000.00.
The judge clearly states that he does not believe that the Acostas wrote the documents and does not blame them, but does want it to stop.  He advises them to seek competent legal help.
The Acosta family also had a deadline of Thursday, March 1st, to finish filing schedules in Marthie Acosta's bankruptcy petition.  
However, upon review and discussion with the family, it became apparent that the petition preparer had also committed fraud.  It was necessary to notify the court, before Mrs. Acosta proceeded on a fraudulent document.
To have any chance of helping them obtain a stay from the court, it was necessary to make a deadline and prepare and file papers. 
If they obtain a stay, they may be able to secure actual legal help to address the legitimate arguments surrounding the underlying bank and loan fraud.
This has taken all of our energy for many days.  No one had more than three or four hours sleep, many nights. We are exhausted and recovering over the weekend, before beginning again.
Also, as there has been no definitive stay issued by a court yet, the family does not want to face the possibility of dealing with the sheriffs alone.  
People have come out to stay, and we really appreciate it.  We need people to come and camp this coming week as well.  Monday morning is really important.  If people want to come Sunday night to camp, that would be great.  There are two tents set up on the lawn at all times, so bring a sleeping bag.  We have food.
Please coordinate with me and Matt on supporting this particular family.  Please consider this my report for the time being.  
Also, please forgive any other balls we've dropped this week, we've been giving this our all.  For instance, I still have not checked with SAJE on meeting space, as I've been at the Acostas full time.  Thank you.


Summer Reese
March 04, 2012 at 6pm - March 05, 2012 at 6pm
Mr. Acosta's House
18162 Gallineta St
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
United States
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Will you come?

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Mon, Mar 05: 8am-12pm (0 of 2) 9am-1pm (0 of 2) 10am-2pm (0 of 2) 11am-5pm (0 of 2) 1pm-7pm (0 of 2) 3pm-9pm (0 of 2) 6pm-6am (0 of 2)

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I live around the corner from this!
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Jenny Lynn
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I can likely cover this if I can get there.
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Occupy Party in the Heights !
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