Occupy Fights Foreclosures New Facebook Pages: Richard Castaldo & Spanish Page

Hello friends, supporters and FORECLOSURE FIGHTERS,

We would like to thank you for your continuing support in helping keeping families in their homes and for taking a stand against the abuses of the financial institutions that have hurt so many families.

Richard Castaldo, a Columbine survivor is fighting to keep his home now in foreclosure. We at Occupy Fights Foreclosure are standing with him and will fight with him to keep him from further actions and eviction. Please support and follow Richard's case on Facebook.


We will be planning several actions to bring more attention to his case and demand that Wells Fargo make it right with Richard and work with him. More information will follow regarding the actions that will be taking to help Richard.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures has added Spanish Meetings on Tuesdays from 7-9pm. We have added a Facebook page in Spanish that can be shared with homeowners so that they can get information in their language.


Thank you for your continuing support and efforts in keeping families in their homes.

For more information regarding this email please call (323) 592-4663

—Occupy Fights Foreclosures

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