O.F.F. List of Demands Regarding Siringoringo Malpractice

Occupy Fights Foreclosures is calling on the State Bar of California to meet the following demands:

  • To provide information to the general public on how to identify malpractice by fraudulent attorneys.
  • To step in and provide information and resources to the victims of attorney malpractice.
  • To make available immediate resources including: referrals to pro-bono attorneys and forms to apply for The Client Security Fund.
  • Eliminate all the “red-tape” and make funds available to all who have suffered irreparable damages.
  • To hold members of the State Bar of California accountable for ignoring the complaints of consumers regarding fraudulent attorneys.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures is calling on Attorney General Kamala Harris to meet the following demands:

  • To investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any criminal actions by Seringoringo Law Firm.
  • To place an immediate moratorium on all foreclosures of the families affected by Seringoringo Law Firm’s malpractice.
  • To investigate all the complaints filed at the State Bar of California and The Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • To investigate complaints filed at The Department of Real Estate regarding attorneys, including the Bank’s attorneys.
  • To work with legislators and consumer protection agencies in creating better protection for homeowners, especially in the legal arena.
  • To create a reward for whistle blowers who expose illegal mortgage fraud and attorney malpractice.
  • To create protections against foreclosure scammers and attorneys.


Occupy Fights Foreclosures in calling on American news outlets, local and national, to:

  • Stop running Seringoringo ads on their channels during air time.
  • Place the public’s interest first by airing public service announcements to provide victims of attorney malpractice with information on how to get help.
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