#J22: March Against Wells Fargo



11:00 AM - Assemble on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Highland Ave. (map below) 

12:00 PM - Rally 

12:15 PM - March begins

We are calling on all people; people committed to social-economic justice, people who are victims of Wells Fargo's criminal-immoral actions, and people who want to see justice served to join us as we march to bring an end to this institution that is running freely with no accountability for their criminal acts. We are calling the people to hold Wells Fargo accountable for the following immoral actions: 1. Massive fraudulent foreclosures against the disabled, seniors, and working families that have left millions of hard-working families in economic ruin 2. For their continuing predatory lending practices on low-income families as is evident by the many law suits they have lost 3. For their refusal to help struggling families to keep their homes by modifying their loans 4. For profiting off the struggles of the undocumented communities by banking on Immigrant detention centers 5. For profiting off of slave-labor by investing on private prisons and 6. For all of the victims whose stories were never told..

On June 22nd, March against Wells Fargo to stand in solidarity with all of the people who have been harmed, humiliated, and oppressed by this banking institution. March for Harolyn Rhue, a disabled woman of color, who was stripped from her home after Wells Fargo fraudulently foreclosed on her, and illegally sold her home to an investor who ordered for her eviction and left her in the streets with nowhere to go. March for Larry Delassus, a man who died in court from a heart attack as he defended his home from foreclosure due to a Wells Fargo typo mistaking Larry's home for someone else's, March for the millions of families that have had their homes illegally taken from them and still have not received justice, March for all the victims of this banking institution whose stories have yet to be told, March Against Wells Fargo because the big banks are NOT too big to fail. 

On June 22nd, move your money out of this unethical banking behemoth that is ruining our communities, and move it into your local credit unions that keep YOUR money in YOUR communities. Find your local credit union here: http://www.moveyourmoneyproject.org/find-bankcredit-union 

We welcome all concerned peoples to join us on June 22nd, whether it be in Los Angeles, or organizing an action in your own city, to join us in solidarity and March Against Wells Fargo.

Press featuring Wells Fargo:


June 22, 2013 at 11am
Carlos Marroquin · (323) 592-4663

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