Harolyn Rhue Wrongfully Evicted

harolyn_evicted_20130530thumb.jpgHarolyn rhue was wrongfully evicted on May 30, 2013 from her home by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept. They violated Harolyn’s bankrupcty stay and kicked this disable homeowner out to the streets.

Ms. Rhue’s life forever changed in 1983 when a drunk driver ran a red light. After 10 years of fighting the banks when she was given a predatory loan, Wells Fargo’s drunk driver-like behavior has victimized her a second time. 

We are holding Wells Fargo 100% responsible for the wrongful foreclosure and eviction of Ms. Rhue.
We are holding Wells Fargo responsible for endangering her recovery of her already serious health condition.
We are holding Wells Fargo responsible for stripping Harolyn of her life savings and her $175,000 of equity the Wells Fargo stole from her.
We are holding Wells Fargo responsible for stealing millions of families’ dreams and homes. 
We are holding Wells Fargo responsible for abuse of elders with disabilities.

The calculated actions by Wells Fargo against Ms. Rhue and the abuses to countless of other families strengthens our resolve, to fight for the people.

We will not go away. June 22nd: Move your Money out of Wells Fargo.

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