HAPPENING NOW: Hilda's Unlawful Detainer Court (UD) Eviction Trial

Many thanks to Suzanne for her long-term commitment to overseeing helping Hilda fight for her home. It's easy to forget the efforts and contributions of those who do what in many times is the hardest thing: sticking with a task and quietly seeing it through to a just completion. Many thanks for your service and effort, Suzanne, and endless love and soldarity for Hilda.

(The following is from one of our members, Suzanne who is primarily in charge of this case:)

Thank you to all who have supported Hilda's efforts to save her home! Thanks to your support we were able to hire an Unlawful Detainer attorney who has been very, very helpful. Unlawful Detainer court deals with matters of eviction -- it was designed for tenant / landlord issues, but it is unjustly where wrongfully-foreclosed homeowners end up.

Currently at Santa Monica Courthouse, Hilda is going to her trial in UD court.

Yes, we are living in a country that forces a limited-mobility 93-yr-old to go to court to defend herself from predatory criminals who are using their money-power to buy themselves out of jail.

Yesterday, we discovered -- with the help of our attorney and the bankruptcy attorney who referred him to us -- that the bankruptcy judge who granted the bank (Aurora Loans aka Lehman Bros) a "relief from stay" from Hilda's bankruptcy, also ordered that the bank could NOT do a foreclosure sale before July 31, 2012.

The eviction action she faces tomorrow comes out of a foreclosure sale that the bank did -- in violation of Hilda's bankruptcy stay -- on December 6, 2011. This direct violation of the BK judge's order is yet another reason that the foreclosure sale is VOID.

We have been talking to many litigation attorneys to take her case -- which is what is needed to bring suit to challenge the foreclosure itself -- but none has stepped forward to do it without a substantial retainer fee.

Yes, we are living in a country where it is next to impossible to get good representation in court without a lot of money, or signing over your first born child. I do not want to live in a country like this -- do you?

It has been beyond draining for me to face all of this with Hilda -- I cannot even imagine what it has been like for her. She has been fighting this loan and this bank for 5 1/2 years. She started fighting the minute she realized she'd been the victim of fraud, a few weeks after she signed the loan. She'd been promised and told she was signing a fixed-rate loan, but the bank switched paperwork and gave her an adjustable-rate, negative-amortization, worst-of-all-possible predatory loan. She was forced to sign the loan by herself, NO notary present, in a van on the hottest day of the year. She had no translator (her primary language is Spanish) and the documents were thrown at her fast and furious.

Yes, we are living in a country where banks lie, bully, and deceive as a business model.

The KCAL9 / CBS reporter who did a story on Hilda earlier this year has said she would be there.


Please light a candle, say a prayer. Call Aurora Loan Services and their attorneys Les Zieve. Call your Congressperson and your Board of Supervisors -- this abuse by banks MUST end NOW.

(you can still contribute to her fund here -- there are still some fees to pay the attorney.)



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