Fort Hernandez

14620 Leadwell St. Van Nuys, CA 91405


14620 Leadwell St. Van Nuys, CA 91405 - We practice security culture: we respectfully ask supporters arrive no later than 6PM to camp over night and no later than 11PM to visit. Absolutely no illegal substances or violence. Thank you! One love!


After 4 years of battling the banks, our comrade Ulises Hernandez and his family have been served a five day notice to vacate their home. The notice was received on Tuesday, August 21st and the final eviction date was Sunday, August 26th.

The Hernandez house has served as a home to not only the 9 people living there (4 small children included), but also as a home to Occupy San Fernando Valley. It is where our garden was born, art has been made and where we have grown to love each other like family.

Banks scammed millions of Americans into subprime mortgages while betting to profit on their foreclosures. In 2008 the banks got bailed out and we're still getting sold out! There is no relief for struggling homeowners- meanwhile bank CEOs become even more wealthy and more powerful.

The Hernandez family has taken a stand and made a barricade: #FortHernandez

They are being supported by a radical coalition of familia, occupiers, activists and community members. We intend to peacefully resist until Bank of Ameica negotiates in good faith, or the Sheriffs come. 

We can't turn to the elected officials, to the courts, or to the police for justice; we turn to the PEOPLE instead. Your support is the only reason the Hernandez family remains safe and housed. Please support us!

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