Foreclosure 101: Change the Conversation

Before you blame the homeowner... Look at the banks’ fraud! Here's a list of Myth Breakers:

People bought too much home.
Banks over-appraised homes and gutted underwriting rules so they could write big, high-rate loans that made the banks the most money on Wall Street.”

These people are deadbeats and freeloaders.”
Banks told families they had to stop paying their mortgage to qualify for a loan modification. Banks pretend to do loan mods—after a default, banks get insurance money and they start to foreclose behind the families’ backs.”

People should know what they sign.”
Banks used pressure tactics to get docs signed fast. Banks changed documents after they’d been signed—they even used white-out and tore out key pages such as a co-signer.”

People need to take personal responsibility for their finances.”
Banks need to take personal responsibility for their system-wide felony fraud.” “Banks need to compensate families for the millions of homes they've stolen.”

Homeowners just want a free house.”
Banks want millions of free houses so they can resell them and restart their casino.” “Banks need the houses back to clear the fraud on their books and redo lost paperwork.”

Homeowners used their house as an ATM.”
Banks used the American people’s homes as their trillion dollar ATM.”

Download and print this list as a PDF file (90 KB)

99% of foreclosures were questionable, 84% had clear violations of law, and over 66% had four or more violations in a recent audit by the San Francisco County Assessor-Recorder’s office

Seriously, did you really think American People were going to let banks get away with this? That is why we call nation-wide foreclosure moratorium and thorough investigation of each case!

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