#FortLucero Eviction Brunch, BBQ, and Slumber Party

Call Deutsche Bank at 212-250-2500, CEO Jacqles Brand to protest against his fraudulent foreclosure on 4750 - 4748 Hammel Street, Los Angeles, CA 90022, the Lucero Family

Eviction Brunch/BBQ/Slumber Party is happening today from 8:00am to 11:30pm at 4750 - 4748 Hammel Street, Los Angeles, California 90022 [MAP below]


10:25am: "The court has ruled that the writ against the Lucero Family is live." --off

"Come To Fort Lucero on the day of our eviction. We will have food, friends and a little civil disobedience. We will be here from the early morning waiting for Comrades to join us. Along side us or support from across the street. It will be an all day celebration for the freedom and strength to be able to stand along side our sisters and brothers in defense of what is basic, the Lucero's home."
from https://www.facebook.com/events/495860473779699/

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#FortLucero Eviction Brunch, BBQ, and Slumber Party http://t.co/b2x00BC4 #Occupy #OWS #OpESR #OccupyHQ
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