Show Solidarity For Deirdra Duncan Today at 1pm in Pasadena

What:  Show Of Solidarity For Deirdra Dunca, Foster Mother Evicted by Racist, Abusive Investor
Where: 35 W. Howard Street Pasadena, CA, 91103
When: Thursday, November 1, 2012
1:00 - 5:30 p.m. - protest and help move possessions after eviction from rental home
5:30 - 6:30 p.m. - Candelight Vigil - Support Deidra - Protest Racial Overtones of the Foreclosure Crisis

Please come and stand in solidarity with Deirdra Duncan, a foster care mother of five developmentally disabled children (all siblings)  who has been evicted from her home and must remove her belongings today from the house she has been renting at 35 W. Howard Street in Pasadena.  The house was foreclosed and purchased by an investor who has used serious intimidation tactics and deeply shameful rasist language against D.D., including threats to the children.

Please come and show your support by helping remove D.D.'s belongings from the house. Stand in solidarity to say that racist investors buying up foreclosed homes at a fraction of their worth are not welcome in Pasadena - or anywhere else.

Thanks for anything you can do to help! 

Occupy Fights Foreclosures

Lydia Breen: 661.414.2862
Diana Hines: 323.292.9494
John Seeley: 310.435.7696


Deirdra Duncan has been a foster care mother for 32 years. In 2007, she assumed long-term foster care of five high-risk children - all siblings - ranging in age from 4 to 17. She became the children’s legal guardian in 2010, an agreement that required her to provide them with a long-term, stable environment, and, in essence, to accept the children as her own.

It is an obligation she takes seriously, all the more so since the children’s birth mother has spent considerable time in and out of prison on drug-related charges. Their birth mother currently lives on Skid Row. As high-risk children, they are prone to emotional disorders, which D.D. likens to the experiences of traumatized prisoners of war (i.e., separation anxiety and troubles concentrating.) In fact, some of the children were born in and spent time in prison with their mother, who was a runaway from a broken home.

Deirdra Duncan is a Pasadena native with strong community ties. Her children attend school there (at a charter school she helped establish). She is deeply committed to her church community and been an active member of neighborhood groups. Her own 29-year old daughter is the co-guardian of the foster children that D.D. cares for. D.D. speaks lucidly about how hard it is for large families - especially foster care families - to find suitable housing in Pasadena.

When she was a young woman considering her future calling as a foster care mother, D.D.’s mother, (also a foster care provider) advised her to: “Treat these children like they are your own. Never take it like a job. The whisperings in your ear come from the Lord. God loves us all, no matter what we do, so follow God’s example and have the same love in your heart for these children.”

Speaking of the five siblings currently in her care, D.D. said: “Because these children don’t have a family, we, as a society, are obligated to take on that responsibility. We are the village that needs to give them extra loving and care.” Occupy Fights Foreclosures is working in solidarity with D.D. to get her and her children back in their home.

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Show Solidarity For Deirdra Duncan Today at 1pm in Pasadena #Occupy #OWS #OpESR #OccupyHQ
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Show Solidarity For Deirdra Duncan Today at 1pm in Pasadena #Occupy #OpESR #OWS