Update: D.D. must remove her belongings this week

The investor turned out to be a racist. D.D. Duncan must remove her belongings this week. Occupy Fights Foreclosures keep supporting. More details below:


D.D. Duncan is a foster mother of 5 who was living as a tenant at 35 W. Howard until she was recenty evicted by an investor who bought the home after an illegal foreclosure. D.D. claims the foreclosure and the eviction process was illegal. As a tenant she has rights that were not respected. And as a foster care mother of high risk children protection of her rights are especially important.

Occupy Fights Foreclosure was trying to negotiate with the bank to buy the house back from the investor but he has not only been untruthful but racist.

Recap from D.D.'s house - yesterday

The investor came with two police officers to 35 W. Howard, wanting D.D's. stuff out. He erected a high chain link fence aroud the house, saying if D.D. entered she would be arrested. A reporter from Pasadena Weekly was there. According to the reporter,who interviewed him, the investor wants D.D.'s things out the house on Thursday. But in an email last night to Philip Koebel, D.D.'s lawyer, the investor wants her stuff out on Wednesday.

This morning

I stopped by D.D.'s at 7 a.m.. She said the investor emailed her last night saying he was so sorry, you made me mad/. Give me Carlos' number. I lost it. What was he "sorry" about? D.D. told me he called her a: "black, ignorant nigger.". This is the second time D.D., as tenant, has been evicted from a home. It was also was not the first time the N word has been uttered against her. D.D.'s quote: "I'm tired of investors calling me a 'nigger.'"  

It is clear that racism underlies  many of the foreclosure cases we see. (Hernandez family is another example as per phone conversation D.D., as law clerk at Philip's office, had with Hernandez neighbor who called to complain using racially biased remarks. I'm sure amongst us we have other examples of discrimination.)

The way forward

D.D. is ready to move now - clear out of both houses. She dearly wants to stay and defend for her rights and those of her children, but she has much at stake as a foster mom..She will continue her fight through the courts.

Ideally, D.D. would love to have a house with a smaller house in the back. 4 bedrooms up front and 3 in back. (for her five foster children and four young adults transitioning out of foster care. Rent = $2,800/ We can always dream....and try... maybe a kind church person / justice and peace person would help her out!


Thanks to everyone who has been coming by to show their active support.

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Update: D.D. must remove her belongings this week http://t.co/VPPgKIXM #Occupy #OpESR #OWS
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Update: D.D. must remove her belongings this week http://t.co/ePCBjM2W #Occupy #OWS #OpESR #OccupyHQ