Occupy the Crime Scene: County Recorder's Office

Occupy Protest with man holding crime scene tape

The County Recorder's office has been turned into a Warehouse of Stolen Property.  On Monday March 12, Occupy groupsaround California will rally outside of their County Recorders' Offices asking for audits of foreclosures. A recent SF County Recorder released their finding from an audit, revealing 99% of all foreclosures had questionable activity on it, 84% had 1 clear violation of law, and over 66% had 4 or more violations of law.

“Many of these actions, if not all of these actions, render many of these foreclosures invalid.” San Francisco County Record Phil Ting

Join us at the scene of the crime, get your papers from the Recorder, ask for an audit, and join the thousands of innocent families coming together to fight back against Wall Street's fraudulent foreclosures.

We will have a crime scene set up with crime-scene tape and other crime-scene props. We will be going inside with home owner who want to know if their county recorders have been fraudulently altered by the banks, and providing reviews of audited chains of title.Well have a press conference to help get the word out to other families.

Members of Occupy LA and Occupy Petaluma are sponsoring this event which happens to kick of a National Week of Action through Occupy Our Homes different Occupy groups sponsored different days and picked themes or targets. Here's a link to learn more about this week of action: http://occupyourhomes.org/blog/2012/feb/28/march-bank-actions/


March 12, 2012 at 9am
Los Angeles County Recorder Office
12400 IMPERIAL Hwy
Norwalk, CA 90650
United States
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Will you come?

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Occupy the Crime Scene: County Recorder's Office http://t.co/Z4oNYhza
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Its about time for an audit http://t.co/pQtAJ03w
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Unfortunately I have doctor appointments that day
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For sure will be there!! Have a big hearing that morning at norwalk court. The auction in nowalk is held at 10am so around noon the recorders office gets slammed by the “trustees” and banks bidders running to record their stolen deeds
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Jenny Lynn
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The Wall St BANKSTERS have violated so many laws. Foreclosure laws require that the original Trust Deed TD is required to finalize a foreclosure. The loans where sold to china, with American banks collecting the mortgage payments. The banks did not have original TD's necessary to complete foreclosures. They did it with digital copies of the original TD's. The TD's are the actual title. It is the only proof of ownership, they violated federal statues by not having proof of ownership.
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