COVERAGE: Back-to-Back Shutdown on Wells Fargo Bank


On the morning of February 27, 2013, regardless of our short notice, several of our members of Occupy Fights Foreclosures protested in solidarity with ACCE, Alliance of California for Community Empowerment against one of the major foreclosure spearheads, Wells Fargo one branch after another in Los Angeles Downtown.

Protest Locations:
Gathered at 10:30am at Figueroa St & 7th, we protested at Wells Fargo branches 1) Figueroa St & Olympic Blvd. 2) Wilshire Blvd & Lucas St. 3) 333 S. Grand Ave. (history museum) 4) N. Hill St. & Bernard.

Photography Journal | A Day of Action Against Wells Fargo Bank

...This Day of Action was organized by ACCE and supported by Occupy Fights Foreclosures activists. Carlos Marroquin, a core member of Occupy Fights Foreclosures said "we organized this day of action against Wells Fargo bank because Wells Fargo refuses to work with the families. Wells Fargo continues to mislead homeowners while many other banks are already working with the families".

At 11:am activists marched to Wells Fargo branch located on the intersection of Figueroa Street and Olympic Blvd. Activists went inside the branch demanding the branch manager to Fax the letter of their demands to the CEO of Wells Fargo bank, John Stumpf. The protesters refused to leave the building until they saw the proof that their Fax being send. An activist from ACCE and a core organizer for the Day of Action Against Wells Fargo bank Melvina Bogan said "We are not leaving here until you Fax that letter to the CEO". Activists continued chanting "Fax that letter, Fax that letter…". After about 15 minutes the letter was faxed and protesters peacefully left the bank, chanting "we'll be back, we'll be back…"

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As a statewide action, we had other citizens protesting against criminal Wells Farilso, there are many locations, protested together against Wells Fargo: 

Contra Costa Times | Protesters shut down Wells Fargo Bank in Richmond

OccupyHomesMN | 13 arrested as 200 march on Wells Fargo demanding fair banking practices


SF Weekly | Occupy Still Really Mad at Wells Fargo, Plans to Announce New Campaign Today

"Wells Fargo is a community destroyer, with plans to kick over 3,500 families out of their homes next month. It's time for Wells Fargo to invest in making California stronger and healthier," says Ross Rhodes, a Wells Fargo borrower and member of the ACCE Home Defenders League.So here's their latest demands:
  • Make principal reduction a core front-end strategy when considering loan modifications;
  • Release information on the race and income of the homeowners they foreclose on, evict or assist.
  • Stop all foreclosures and evictions until these steps are put into place.
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