Casita Sol Corona Free Hot Dog Day Recap

On the last Saturday, January 5th, 2013, Casita Sol Corona held FREE Hot Dog Day (Many photos posted) at 2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031

by PeterK (his blog has its footnote and more.)

Hot Dog Day, attended by the neighbors and foreclosure fighters who defend the Corona family's home at at 2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031 from BoA's illegal fraudclosure

Event Details:

Saturday, January 5, 20131:00pm in PST
2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031

Come one, come all to La Casita!
La Casita is planning a Free Hot Dog Event and is collecting
Donations in the form of cans of food or other non- perishable food donations.
A BOUNCER/PLAYHOUSE will also be set up to entertain the kids! Please come and support La Casita to help keep the community involved and informed!

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Casita Sol Corona (Lincoln Heights at 2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031) is the home of Corona family, who got wrongfully evicted by Bank of America's illegal practice called dual tracking and broken promise during the BoA's own Holiday Moratorium.

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