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IMPORTANT SOLIDARITY ACTION: For our 3 homeowners protesting in Washington DC today,(watch LIVE here) let's show some support and make it count!! Today we ask for you to take a few minutes and call each of their Congressmembers and Demand for Justice for each of them.

List of Victimized Homeowner & Their Congressmember

Harolyn Rhue (Homeowner)
- Congressmember Judy Chu (202) 225-5464
- Resides at 267 Laurel Ave., Altadena, CA
- Banksters: Wells Fargo

Sherry Hernandez (Homeowner)
- Congressmember Henry Waxman (202) 225-3976
- Resides at 27612 Tarrasa Dr., Rancho Palo Verdes, CA
- Banksters: PennyMac Aka CountryWide( w/new name)

Abel Lechuga and Martha Hernandez (Homeowner)
- Congressmember Ed Royce (202) 225-4111
- Resides at 16310 Balassi Rd., Hacienda Heights CA
- Banksters: Wells Fargo

Please take a few moments and support our homeowners whom traveled from California to Washington D.C. all with wrongful evictions pending, to spread the message, "We have done nothing wrong," but trust that our goverment would never allow this fraud to continue, and not 1 Bankster be prosecuted!! We stand united. To all fraudclosure fighters, lets get the phones ringing in DC let Sherry, Harolyn and Abel know "They are not ALOAN"


Edit 2013-05-22: Sherry's Congressmember is corrected as Henry Waxman (202) 225-3976

May 20, 2013 at 7pm - May 21, 2013 at 7am
Anywhere You Are Now

Will you come?

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