CALL TO ACTION: F26 Flood Deutsche Bank Phonelines!

Call to Stop ILLEGAL sale of 4748-4750 Hammel St., Los Angeles, CA 90022 

OFF flood call protest on Deutsche Bank America CEO Jacques Brand from disregarding the promises made for 4748-4750 Hammel St, Los Angeles, CA 90022TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, CALL TO ACTION for all Economic Justice activists, concerned community member, homeowners, and foreclosure victims to stand for Justice when the courts fail to bring true justice. 

RUNDOWN: When the Lucero family sent in the first payment of their loan modification days after signing the loan, their loan was voided and the eviction process began. After translating their pile of paperwork, it was discovered that the first loan payment was due THE DAY BEFORE they signed their loan paperwork. It was also discovered that Deutsche Bank failed to follow the law by sending this Spanish-speaking family contracts in English claiming the English contracts included the same content as the Spanish conversation that was held between a Deutsche bank agent and The Lucero family. On Tuesday, February 26th, Day 140 of the Lucero Family resisting this injustice, investors will be looking to buy the home from Deutsche Bank, and Deutsche Bank has the property listed for sale, despite the illegality of their actions. They are selling the home for less than its current value instead of allowing the family to continue paying their mortgage like they faithfully have for the past 15 years.

We ask that you please

CALL AT 212-250-2500


• Stop the illegal sale of 4748/4750 Hammel St. 
• Grant the loan modification that was promised to the Lucero Family 
• Allow the Lucero family to continue to pay their mortgage fees like they have for the past 15 years, at the CURRENT value of the home, rather than selling it to investors for less than its current value

7 AM–3 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
8 AM–4 PM (Mountain Time)
9 AM–5 PM (Central Time)
10 AM–6 PM (Eastern Time)

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4748-4750 Hammel St. Los Angeles, CA 90022 F26_FraudeutscheBank-floodcall.png

February 26, 2013 at 7pm - February 27, 2013 at 3am
JACQUES BRAND, Deutsche Bank America CEO · 212-250-2500
27,645 RSVPS

Will you come?

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CALL TO ACTION: F26 Flood Deutsche Bank Phonelines! #DeutscheBank #DB #protestcall #occupy #foreclosure #PuebloLucero
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