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California Homeowner Bill of Rights 

Major provisions include: 

  • Dual track foreclosure ban: Mortgage servicers will be required to render a decision on a loan modification application before advancing the foreclosure process by filing a notice of default or notice of sale, or by conducting a trustee’s sale. The foreclosure process is essentially paused upon the completion of a loan modification application for the duration of the lender’s review of that application.

  • Single point of contact: Mortgage servicers will be required to designate a “single point of contact” for borrowers who are potentially eligible for a federal or proprietary loan modification application. The single point of contact is an individual or team with knowledge of the borrower’s status and foreclosure prevention alternatives, access to decision makers, and the responsibility to coordinate the flow of documentation between borrower and mortgage servicer.

  • Enforceability: Borrowers will have authority to seek redress of “material” violations of theCalifornia Homeowner Bill of Rights. Injunctive relief willbe available prior to a foreclosure sale and recovery of damages will be available following a sale.

  • Verification of documents: The recording and filing of multiple unverified documents will be subject to a civil penalty of up to $7,500 per loan in an action brought by a civil prosecutor. Enforcement will also be allowed under a violator’s licensing statute by the Department of Corporations, Department of Real Estate or Department of Financial Institution.

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*BE AWARE of foreclosure-help scams*

Many desparate homeowners in the foreclosure process get fooled by 100s of malicious scammers, only to DRAIN their limited time and money without a result by the time they reach us in the last minute. Please AVOID THOESE SCAMS and ask legitimate agencies that are ready to help you.

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Thank you
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Dual Track is also known as Parallel Foreclosure. Parallel Foreclosure is MUCH MUCH EASIER to research online, Dual Track is not.
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Remember everyone is a “foreclosure” specialist…its so important to self educate and don’t trust until trust is proven…use Google research far and wide before spending a penny… and entrusting your info.
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