OFF statement: CA State Bar Reinstates Siringoringo While Dozens of New Victims File Complaints Against Him

Who:     Attorney Stephen Siringoringo, CA State Bar, Judge Richard Honn, Homeowners
What:    Judge Richard Honn reinstates attorney Stephen L. Siringoringo's licence to practice law
When:   October 8th, 2013

California State Bar Court Judge Richard Honn reverses decison and reinstates attorney Stephen L. Siringoringo's license while dozens of new victims file complaints against the attorney.

The judge who said that Stephen Siringoringo's conduct posed substantial harm to his clients and to the public reverses decision and moves to reinstate his license. Even as dozens of new victims surge and while the attorney ignores court order to properly handle files, the judge allows atty Siringoringo to continue to practice law.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures statement regarding 

Judge Richard Honn decision to reinstate Stephen Siringoringo license to practice law in the State of California:

Los Angeles - 10/11/13 -  It has just been reported that attorney Stephen L. Siringoringo, formerly deemed ineligible to practice law on July 26, 2013 by the California State Bar, has been reinstated by the California State Bar.  He is once again eligible to practice law in the State of California.

         The State Bar court judge Richard Honn wrote in his decision that Stephen Siringoringo’s conduct posed substantial harm to his clients or the public and has caused irreparable injury to the public. Judge Honn’s decision was based on mountains of evidence presented to him showing that Stephen Siringoringo had illegally charged unsuspecting homeowners up-front fees for loan modification services.  Siringoringo has been accused of charging for files that were never completed or submitted to the banks and by defrauding unsuspecting homeowners by willingly and knowingly promising loan modifications to clients that were otherwise not eligible for modification. The judge is fully aware of hundreds of additional complaints to the State Bar and additional charges filed by the California State Bar against Stephen Siringoringo. Nevertheless, judge Richard Honn has decided, on an appeal, to reinstate his license.

       On October 8, 2013 the judge found that Siringoringo no longer posed a “threat” to the public because he changed his “business model” of operations.  The judge also found that Siringoringo had paid “full restitution” to all of his victims.

      However, the order fails to identify the multitude of other victims who have filed complaints beyond those few victims identified in the order. Over 200 victims have sought help through Occupy Fights Foreclosures in the past 2 months.

      The Order also fails to recognize that in many of these cases, the only full restitution that could be offered is having the homeowner regain title to their home and a full and fair opportunity to modify their loan. Only then, would the victims be placed back in the position they were in before they signed up with the Siringoringo Law Firm.

      Many homeowners cannot simply hire another attorney due to statute of limitation issues, meaning their claims are now time barred.  Even for those claims that have three year statute of limitations, like fraud, the victims' documents to support the fraud were given to Siringoringo and then confiscated by the State Bar. Those thousands of pages of homebuyer files that have been confiscated have not been returned to the homebuyers.

      Effectively the California State Bar court’s decision to reinstate Siringoringo to practice law trivializes the actual harm suffered by the victims and their family members. The victims of Stephen Siringoringo may have been dealt a setback with the State Bar Court’s recent decision; however, Occupy Fight Foreclosures will not stop until justice is served.

      The State Bar Court does emphasize that this was a TE order, which means an expedited order and is not a final order.

However, the State Bar Court wholly missed the point as to what restitution means to homeowners who lose their homes while paying attorneys for modifications that are not really occurring, and then are left helpless on the eve of their sale because either they are not informed of the pending sale, or they are not given their documents in order to stop the sale in time.  Losing their home pales in comparison to the fees they paid Siringoringo.

There is absolutely no mention of the permanent association with Siringoringo’s name after he had his advertisements on radio and TV for such a long time. With no equal advertising campaign as to the complaints against him, the State Bar is allowing him to deceive the public.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures will continue to assist homeowners with filing more complaints with the California State Bar and the District Attorney’s office. We are making a commitment to stand by the homeowners and help them fight for the justice they deserve.


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We don’t understand if this man was found to be a threat why did they give him his license back? There were more then 14 or 15 people that he scammed from. In Dec of 2013 he got caught having Pot in one of his business offices. I am sorry but this man knew what he was doing he knew it was against the law to charge people up front for a modification. We didn’t know it was against the law for attorneys to charge up front for this. You trust attorneys at some point, our monthly income went down because of the economy going bad a few years ago, so we wanted to modify our loan. After Bank of America screwing us for three years then we had to deal with this attorney. He just needs to be stopped. He nearly gave my husband a heart attack because his office would not get back to us in time and I home was one day from being sold….We finally just did it on our own but with no help from this man. Please don’t stand by and let things like this happen to you. Fight back against thieves like him
commented 2014-08-30 02:14:31 -0700 · Flag
this man need to be stopped
followed this page 2014-03-20 07:21:06 -0700
commented 2013-12-01 18:00:16 -0800 · Flag
“Attorney” Stephen Siringoringo has a new Loan Modification office in La Verne, CA.
Business name:
P.Oh and Associates, Inc
1768 Arrow Highway Suite 103
La Verne, CA 91750
His new associates are Phillip OH ( former manager at Siringo Law Firm and a DRE Broker,), his brother Stanley Siringoringo ( a loser ), Christpoher Lee ( another Loser ) and a “lady” named Lizette Alvarez ( Stanley’s girlfriend).
Their target again is the HISPANIC community. They have advertisement in a couple of Hispanic magazines……
Be aware of them….. they are up front fees !!!
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