BREAKING NEWS - Press Conference to Celebrate Blanca's Return After Arrest and Deportation During Defense of Her Foreclosed Home


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 Occupy Fights Foreclosures joins the Cardenas Family, Hermandad Mexicana, Buen Hogar Foundation and Community Leaders in a Press Conference
WHAT: Acknowledge the Justice Department for "doing the right thing" in the deportation of Blanca Cardenas— a mother with a young child— by ICE
WHEN: Friday, June 22, 2012 at 8:30pm
 5557 Elmer Ave. North Hollywood, CA  91605
WHY: The U.S. Department of Justice has shown strong leadership good judgement by reversing a wrongful arrest by LAPD during unlawful eviction by the Sheriff's Departemnt on a fraudulently foreclosed home by Bank of America of a Mother deported by ICE.


Occupy LA’s Foreclosure Defense Group Responds to a Justice Department Decision on a Mother Deported after Foreclosure Fiasco

LOS ANGELES – Friday afternoon, Activists from Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF) will join the Cardenas Family, Hermandad Mexicana, Buen Hogar Foundation and Community Leaders in front of the foreclosed Cardenas home along with her family; husband Gerardo and her two children to thank the Justice Department for stepping up to do the right thing in a case of deportation that was rife with questionable activity by authorities.

Mrs. Cardenas— a North Hollywood homeowner and a mother of two U.S.-born children, was deported due to an allegedly fraudulent foreclosure, illegal eviction, and law enforcement mishap is a non-priority undocumented homeowner with no criminal background. She was detained without bail on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold pending a hearing.  Despite the fact that Cardenas’ youngest child is only 17 months old, her husband is a U.S. citizen, she has been in this country for more than 15 years, she has been married for 9 years, and has owned a home for 8 years.

“It’s been devastating since they took her,” said Gerardo Quinones, Blanca’s husband. “Our youngest daughter just cries for her mama.”

LAPD arrested Mrs. Cardenas while she defended her family home. The family disputes the foreclosures and eviction due to fraudulent paperwork filed by the banks.

“We stand with Mrs. Cardenas and her family to thank the Justice Department for doing the right thing by bringing Blanca back to her family,” said Carlos Marroquin, a homeowner advocate and Occupy activist, “ 

Below is a brief outline of details leading to Blanca Cardena's wrongful arrest and deportation:

After a layoff and falling one month behind, Blanca called BofA for loan modification
BofA told her to stop making payments so she could get the load mod
Meanwhile, BofA immediately sells the home on auction to a private investor
Blanca continúes to work with BofA for the loan mod
Blanca never received an eviction notice or court order
Investor begins stalking family telling them he now owns home and they need to leave
Blanca doesn't believe investor -- many scams exist and she's still working with the bank
Blanca files for bankruptcy -- giving her protection from foreclosure and eviction
Investor who'd bought the illegally foreclosed home calls LAPD
LAPD officers, confused by contradicting paperwork, call commander
Commander can't reach anyone knowledgable
Investor tells LAPD the family are squatters and he wants to make citizen's arrest
Blanca shows they are owners -- she wants to arrest investor: trespassing & harassment
LAPD sides with investor, despot not having jurisdiction in civil cases
LAPD arrests Blanca, leads her away in handcuffs, while husband films arrest
Watch commander, upset that cops have been videotaped, delays release
Fingerprints turned over to Sheriff
Blanca is wife of a US Citizen but hasn't been able to get visa or green card herself yet
Instead of being released, she's held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
ICE refuses her right to an attorney, refuses to review a motion filed by her attorney
Despite ICE's promise not to deport mothers of infants or spouses of citizens.
Despite staff of Representative Howard Berman working all day to stop deportation
Blanca deported to Mexico Feb 29, 2012

Occupy activists rallied in support of the Cardenas family less than two weeks after the SF County Recorder released an audit of foreclosures which shows legal violations and questionable activities on nearly all of the files. The audit shows that an estimated 99% of the foreclosures involve questionable activity, 84% of foreclosures involve clear violation of the law, and over 66% involve four or more violations from all the files they reviewed.

Occupy activists call for a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions until a full investigation is complete. 

“Until such an investigation is complete,” Marroquin said, “We call on the State of California to institute an indefinite moratorium on all foreclosures and foreclosure-related evictions.”

Marroquin also points out San Francisco County Recorder Phil Ting’s statement regarding the audit report: “Many of these actions, if not all of these actions, render many of these foreclosures invalid.”

Invalid foreclosures can cause many troubles for investors of these properties.

“An investor who buys a home that banks fraudulently foreclosed upon, also risks being implicated in the housing crime,” states Marroquin, “Buying stolen property doesn’t mean the property belongs to the highest bidder”.

Occupy Fights Foreclosure— an official subcommittee of Occupy LA – joins Buen Hogar Foundation, Familia De Blanca Cardenas, Hermandad Mexicana Panorama City, Dec 12 Coalition, and other community leaders.

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