BREAKING NEWS: OFF to Defend Home This Sunday

sign-save-harolyns-home.jpg*Update: Popstponed until this Sunday April 14th, 2013

Occupy Fights Foreclosures to occupy and defend Ms. Harolyn Rhue's home from pending eviction. Ms. Harolyn Rhue's is a disabled woman who survived a traffic accident when a drunk driver run a red light. She managed to pick herself up, went to school and got a Masters degree. After much sacrifices, she bought a home, worked for a bank, and designed clothing for disabled people.

nfortunately, she was taken advantage of her disabilities and was given a predatory loan. Wells Fargo has refused to work with her after her payments kept going up.

Ms. Rhue always did the right thing and paid her mortgage on time. When the payments got higher, she notified Wells Fargo and asked over 10 times for a loan modification.

In august of last year while awaiting for a review of her loan modification, Wells Fargo sold her home behind her back to an investor and now she is facing eviction.

Wells Fargo refuses to take responsibility for what they did to Ms. Rhue. She now has turned to Occupy Fights Foreclosures to help her fight Wells Fargo’s wrongful foreclosure and pending eviction.

This Friday at 5 p.m., Occupy Fights Foreclosures activists, community groups, church members from different religious groups and concerned citizens will join in the fight and mobilize to defend her home.

The occupation of Ms. Harolyn Rhue’s home will serve as the kick-off campaign against Wells Fargo. Groups around the nation are offering their support and will join us in organizing national actions that will remind Wells Fargo that they need to stop hurting hard-working American people.

Harolyn’s story is a mirror of countless other homeowners that have been victimized by their bank’s greedy side.

If you would like to help Harolyn's caseb please call us at (323) 592-4663

* We are having an emergency meeting on Wednesday at 7 p.m. about this action. More details will follow.


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Why stay home when you can save a home?
Occupy Fights Foreclosures, affiliated with OccupyLA, stands up against the nationwide foreclosure crisis. We support, educate and empower homeowners at risk to save their homes from fraudulent foreclosure.