[BREAKING NEWS] 93-year-old Hilda's Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) Case Dismissed

[BREAKING NEWS] 93 year-old woman's eviction (unlawful detainer) case was dropped! YES!!!!!! Congratulations Hilda! The detailed report from http://www.gofundme.com/helphilda is as follows:


GREAT BIG NEWS!!!! Hilda's UD case is dismissed!!! Aurora Loans withdraws the eviction case!

I am so overwhelmed with relief it's hard to know where to start. Hilda, I, and our attorney along with several folks from Occupy Fights Foreclosures went to her Unlawful Detainer trial on Jan 23 -- along with camera and reporter from CBS/KCAL9. The judge took one look at the camera and forced us to take a continuance (postponement): "I want to get this one right," he said. We had a strong case. The bank's attorney was nervous and wanted a continuance too. Hilda wanted the trial. It was continued until Feb 11 ... this coming Monday.

After they had the continuance handed to them, the attorneys for Aurora Loans managed to go back to bankruptcy court and get Hilda's bankruptcy judge to CHANGE his original order ... they managed to do this without notice to Hilda's current attorney and without a trial. We found this out the day before yesterday.

Hilda and I had planned to go to the court ourselves to ask her judge to stand by his order, but it was too difficult physically for Hilda to get there Monday or Tuesday this week week -- her legs were very painful.

I reached out to many people and realized I had an email from Occupy Bernal up in San Francisco who had successfully saved her home from Aurora / Nationstar. (Aurora Loans doesn't exist as a company any more ... they were absorbed by Nationstar last year. So what are Aurora Loans doing foreclosing and evicting Hilda? ... Exactly.)

I got in touch with her and she put me in touch with the man from Nationstar who has been very helpful up in San Francisco to work out appropriate deals with homeowners up there. He had been trying to reach me and Hilda for quite a while. Well, I talked with him today, he told me everything was supposed to be stopped in Hilda's case. I told him that we still have a trial date on Monday as far as we know. He called Aurora's attorneys and put me on the conference call -- they let me know that they'd dismissed the case Feb 1! It was off the court calendar!


So I'm not going to get into the fact that NO ONE had informed Hilda's attorney or Hilda of this huge news and she and I and our attorney have been incredibly stressed these past few days working our butts off on what to do in the face of the attorneys' hidden dealings with the BK court ... that's for another day. This day Hilda was crying tears of joy. "I am so grateful, I can't believe someone is finally going to help me! But I want to stay active because of what these banks are doing to so many senior citizens! It is not right -- they are abusing so many senior citizens."

You go Hilda!

I will post the updates of what this actual human being at Nationstar will do ... that's all Hilda has ever asked for.

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