ACTION Coverage: Shut Down Bank of America, Stop Fraudclosure!

Exclusive coverage of our protest, "Shut Down Bank of America, Stop Foreclosures" from independent photo journalist, Natasha Petrosova

Article, Videos & Photos by Natasha Petrosova

Soledad Corona, a recent victim of fraudulent foreclosure holds the sign.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures Protests in front of Bank of America on Wednesday, February 20.

Los Angeles, CA- Occupy Fights Foreclosures activists and homeowners gathered in front of Bank of America branch on North Vermont Street at 12:00pm on Wendesday, February 20. The activists and homeowners held their signs and marched in a circle chanting "B.O.A how many homes did you steal today…. Bank of America, Bad for America". The demonstration lasted for about two hours. 

Josephina Perez, a recent victim of fraudulent foreclosure came to participate in a protest with her 3-year-old grandson, Jesus and her husband, Jose Perez. Mrs. Perez said that she was trying to modify her loan with Bank of America but Bank of America repeatedly claimed that they never received her paperwork. Eventually, Bank of America foreclosed on a house and Mrs. Perez and her family, including two small children, Jesus, 3 and Nalanie, 5 were forced to live on the streets. Mrs. Perez said that they lived on the streets for three weeks. "We slept on the street, we used public bathrooms . I even gave children a bath right on the street. Many times the children wanted to go to the bathroom and could not wait for us to drive around to find one, so they would end up going to the bathroom right on the street" Mrs. Perez added crying.

Sherry Hernandez, another victims of bank's fraudulent practices also came to participate in a protest this Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Hernandez is still fighting to keep her home. "We bought a house in 2006. It had to be our retirement home. We did not plan to make low payments. We wanted a conventional loan, but Countrywide pushed us to take 2% loan. After 4 months our payments got raised by $800" she said. "We were trying to get a loan somewhere else but Countrywide would not release our loan saying that we have 3 year repayment penalty that we never signed for" Mrs. Hernandez added. Eventually Mrs. Hernandez was able to get a new loan with City Mortgage, but two moths later her loan got sold to PennyMack and her troubles started again. Mrs. Hernandez is still fighting to keep her house.

Occupy Fights foreclosures activists and homeowners stood in front of Bank of America this Wednesday afternoon demanding justice. They called for Bank of America to start working with the families and end fraudulent foreclosure practices. "Housing is a human right !" activists shouted.

Protesters march in circle in front of Bank of America branch on North Vermont Street in Los Angeles, CA.

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Also, here's our own original photo slideshow from this action (Flash plug-in required)

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