J22 Casita Sol Corona Double Action Day

(update 2013-01-22-23:20: total 3 footage added for both events)

update: 2nd Action: Candle Vigil may be streamed after 5pm here:

Two exciting actions are happening Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 for Casita Sol Corona. "Why Stay Home When You Can Save Homes?" PLEASE JOIN US!!

corona-court-support-banner-900x900.jpg Candle Light Vigil at Casita Sol Corona at 2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031. Save Soly's home from Bank of America's fraud holiday foreclosure
Call to Action Against Bank of America! Save Soledad's Home!  |  Facebook Event Page
from 8 AM at Stanley Mosk Courthouse ( 111 N Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90012 ):

update: 1st Court-support Action recorded by PMBeers!


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Emergency Press Conference on Friday January 18th, 2013

From 7pm of Friday, January 18th, 2013, we held a press conference at 2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031 to denounce the lies, deceit, and business practices of Bank of America and to also denounce the LAPD involvement in the case of Soledad Corona's fight to keep her home.

Bilingual Press Conference (6:00 ~ 12:00)

Highlight Link: Press Conference  |  Slogan

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Casita Sol Corona Free Hot Dog Day Recap

On the last Saturday, January 5th, 2013, Casita Sol Corona held FREE Hot Dog Day (Many photos posted) at 2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031

by PeterK (his blog has its footnote and more.)

Hot Dog Day, attended by the neighbors and foreclosure fighters who defend the Corona family's home at at 2200 Daly St. Los Angeles, CA 90031 from BoA's illegal fraudclosure

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Procecute the Banksters! Protest Against OCC & FBR New Settlement

Jan. 9, 2013. Occupy Fights Foreclosures openly denounced the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Reserve possible settlement of $10 Billion with those responsible for the "Crime of the Century" by protesting at California State Attorney General Kamala Harris Los Angeles Field Office.

Press Conference (uncut raw voices of homeowners and foreclosure fighters)

by OOCAnaheim

by Natasha Petrosova 

Radio Report by KPFA Berkeley FM 94.1


LIVE Stream Recordings (Jan 9th, 2013, 11am–2pm) Please Share!: by CrossXBones

Planned Schedule Here:

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PROCECUTE THE BANK: Problems with the new settlement

This New York Times article, "Suprise, Surprise: The Banks Win" brings up all of the problems that were talked about at the last OFF meeting:

1. That people were the victims of crimes by the banks that foreclosed
2. That most homeowners didn't know about the review of 2009-2010 foreclosures
3. That the reviews were done by consultants hired by the banks
4. That the settlement lets banks escape prosecution for their crimes
5. That the settlement will put only a fraction of the money homeowners are entitled to in their pockets.

Compare the paltry $2000 per homeowner payout with the amounts regulators said they were due:
"This is a far cry from the possible penalties outlined last year by the federal regulators requiring these reviews. For instance, regulators said that if a bank had foreclosed while a borrower was making payments under a loan modification, it might have to pay $15,000 and rescind the foreclosure. And if it couldn’t be rescinded because the house had been sold, the bank could have had to pay the borrower $125,000 and any accrued equity."

(source: the below is an archival copy for fair use:

IF you were hoping that things might be different in 2013 — you know, that bankers would be held responsible for bad behavior or that the government might actually assist troubled homeowners — you can forget it. A settlement reportedly in the works with big banks will soon end a review into foreclosure abuses, and it means more of the same: no accountability for financial institutions and little help for borrowers.

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CJ Holmes: Online Stream Workshop LIVE
Non-OFF foreclosure activist, CJ Holmes is currently streaming her online anti-foreclosure workshop live & free at the URL above. Take a look!

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Occupy the Rose Parade 2013 LIVE

Live RecordingPress Release | Action Schedule | Chats | Slideshow | Featured Articles

Special Thanks to all footage from Crepes777, PMBeers, and OrangeCrew


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WHO: Occupy Fights Foreclosures Activists, Southern California Homeowners
WHEN: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013
WHERE: 2013 Rose Parade, Pasadena, CA., Occupiers and Participants will be meeting at Singer Park 250 West California Blvd. Pasadena, CA. starting at 6am
WHY: To shed light on the continuing abuses by major banks who fraudulently foreclose on thousands of homes, breaking up families and destroying the economy.
WHAT: Occupy Fights Foreclosures will be presenting an unofficial float: “Occupy Our Homes, It’s Not All Roses For the Banksters Victims.” Homeowners will march the parade route with large banners, umbrellas, Fraudclosure Wagon (float) and 10' Monopoli Banker

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Foreclosure 101: Change the Conversation

Before you blame the homeowner... Look at the banks’ fraud! Here's a list of Myth Breakers:

People bought too much home.
Banks over-appraised homes and gutted underwriting rules so they could write big, high-rate loans that made the banks the most money on Wall Street.”

These people are deadbeats and freeloaders.”
Banks told families they had to stop paying their mortgage to qualify for a loan modification. Banks pretend to do loan mods—after a default, banks get insurance money and they start to foreclose behind the families’ backs.”

People should know what they sign.”
Banks used pressure tactics to get docs signed fast. Banks changed documents after they’d been signed—they even used white-out and tore out key pages such as a co-signer.”

People need to take personal responsibility for their finances.”
Banks need to take personal responsibility for their system-wide felony fraud.” “Banks need to compensate families for the millions of homes they've stolen.”

Homeowners just want a free house.”
Banks want millions of free houses so they can resell them and restart their casino.” “Banks need the houses back to clear the fraud on their books and redo lost paperwork.”

Homeowners used their house as an ATM.”
Banks used the American people’s homes as their trillion dollar ATM.”

Download and print this list as a PDF file (90 KB)

99% of foreclosures were questionable, 84% had clear violations of law, and over 66% had four or more violations in a recent audit by the San Francisco County Assessor-Recorder’s office

Seriously, did you really think American People were going to let banks get away with this? That is why we call nation-wide foreclosure moratorium and thorough investigation of each case!

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Fraudclosure 101: Mortgage & Foreclosure Fraud

A brief timeline of mortgage and foreclosure fraud in 3 stages(EndMiddle, Beginning). It explains how banks used fraud as a business model to guarantee record profits and steal a nation’s worth of homes (This list is partial. There’s more fraud than can be listed here, but you get the idea.) 

End Fraud

DUAL-TRACKING Fraud: Banks tell homeowners to default to qualify for a loan modification, but use that default to start foreclosure

LOST-PAPERWORK Fraud: Banks repeatedly “lose” loan mod paperwork to delay homeowner until banks get insurance payout for default

PILE-ON-FEES Fraud: Banks add extra fees onto mortgage payments that homeowners can’t pay to keep foreclosure continuing

FAKE-DOCUMENTS Fraud: Banks hire “document mills” to fabricate completely fake loan documents so foreclosures appear legal

ROBO-SIGNING Fraud: Banks robo-signed fraudulent documents, creating sweatshop-style signing factories

MAIL Fraud: Banks backdate documents, eliminate dates on mail stamps, and falsify serving of legal paperwork

AUCTION Fraud: Banks “sell” properties at auction whose chain of title is broken and that banks have no legal claim to

SELL-TO-THEMSELVES Fraud: Banks sell properties to themselves—a scam called self assignment

TITLE Fraud: Title insurance companies have been giving title insurance to properties whose chain of title is broken 

CASH-FOR-KEYS Scam: Banks intimidate homeowners, ignore due process, time evictions over holidays and offer bribes just to give up

COURT Fraud: Courts regularly dismiss fraud cases, attorneys refuse to take cases or pressure families to leave their home

Middle Fraud

WALL STREET GAMBLING Scam: Banks immediately sold mortgage notes to Wall St, who used them to create Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) -- Wall St used these essentially as casino chips to trade, sell and bet with other people’s money. They kept profits when they won, and got bailout and insurance money when they lost.

RATINGS Fraud: Banks got ratings agencies to give AAA, investment-grade ratings to MBS and other financial products filled with toxic loans

RECORDING Fraud: Banks created MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) to evade laws that require all sales to be publicly recorded, and to cheat communities out of millions in fees

CHAIN-OF-TITLE Fraud: With MERS, banks threw out 400 years of property law and broke the chain of title on millions of properties — ALL neighboring properties will now need to litigate to decide property boundaries if there’s ever a dispute

SECURITIES Fraud: Banks knew the securities they were selling were toxic, but lied so they could unload toxic securities onto pension plans (Goldman Sachs called unsuspecting clients “muppets”)

INSURANCE Fraud: The financial industry created unregulated insurance called credit default swaps (CDS) to “insure” the bad financial products they were buying and selling

DERIVATIVES Scam: Banks used derivatives — also unregulated — to bet against the bad financial products they’d just sold to pension plans. They bet that products they’d just sold would fail, knowing that they would.

Beginning Fraud

PREDATORY LENDING Fraud: Banks targeted homes and borrowers who would fit the types of high-rate loans banks needed for their scheme to work. Every communty was hit, but communities of color were hit especially hard

APPRAISAL Fraud: Banks leaned on appraisers to hike up appraisals so a home that was really worth $100,000 was soon appraised for $200,000. Banks kept blacklists of appraisers who refused to go along

TRUTH-IN-LENDING Fraud: Banks purposely pushed bad, high-rate loans even when borrowers qualified for better loans

ORIGINATION Fraud: Banks wrote up false financial statements for borrowers to meet the loan profiles needed for the scheme. Lenders (not borrowers) put the “lie” in liars loans

GOTTA-SIGN-NOW Fraud: Banks used high-pressure tactics to push borrowers to sign immediately, before borrowers could read or check documents

LOSE-THE-DOCS Fraud: Banks lost or shredded legal documents, so there wouldn’t be evidence to prove fraud later

MONEY-OUT-OF-THIN-AIR Scam: Banks don’t have the money to loan to begin with. The money is created out of thin air once the loan is made

Download and print this list as a PDF file (90 KB)

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