PRESS RELEASE: Assemblymember Miguel Santiago Announces Two Foreclosure Resource Fairs

The Office of Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), in partnership with the State Bar of California, the California Departments of Business Oversight and Consumer Affairs, and Occupy Fights Foreclosures, will be conducting two free seminars to educate concerned residents about real estate fraud and the foreclosure process. Attendees will learn valuable tips about how to protect themselves in the housing market, and be provided with access to informational materials, and resources.

WHAT: Assemblymember Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) announces two Foreclosure Resource Fairs to inform residents about real estate fraud, how to avoid foreclosure, and what to do if they find themselves in the process of foreclosure.

WHO: Attendees to include:

 The Honorable Miguel Santiago, Majority Whip, California State Assembly (AD-53)
 Agencies participating include: 

  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court o State Bar of California 
  • Department of Real Estate 
  • Department of Business 
  • Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office 
  • Public Council 
  • Occupy Fights Foreclosures Oversight

*Not All Agencies Have Been Listed

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Boyle Heights: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Saturday, October 24, 2015
Huntington Park: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Boyle Heights – PUENTE Learning Center (501 S Boyle Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033)

Huntington Park – Huntington Park Library (6518 Miles Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255) 

David Juarez, Field Representative
Office: (213) 620-4646

Xochitl Murillo, Field Representative
Office: (213) 620-4646

# # # 

Download in PDF

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[MEDIA ADVISORY] Special Meeting between Homeowners and Bank Regulators - CA Department of Business Oversight


Contact Carlos Marroquin 
(323) 592-4663

Homeowners and the California Department of Business Oversight to hold a special meeting to hear and present grievances on the ongoing bank/servicers abuses against struggling families. Occupy Fights Foreclosures to host special meeting following their recent visit with California's Commissioner Jan L. Owen from the Department of Business Oversight in Sacramento.

Who: Homeowners, Foreclosure Victims, Department of Business Oversight (Bank Regulators), Occupy Fights Foreclosures, Homeowners Advocates, General Public

What:   Public meeting between homeowners, foreclosure victims and the California Department of Business Oversight.
When:   Tuesday May 26, 2015, 7-9pm
Where:   828 West Washington Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90015
Why:   To hear about ongoing abuses and issues between homeowners, banks and mortgage servicers. What bank regulators and the Department of Business Oversight are doing to respond to consumer complaints.


Los Angeles - After a recent meeting between homeowner advocates with Commissioner Jan L. Owen from the DBO, homeowners will have an opportunity to meet face to face with bank regulators and present their grievances on the ongoing abuses by the banks and mortgage servicers.

The DBO will address the public to explain their roll & responsibilities on how bank complaints are handled and what is being done with the record number of complaints against the banks and mortgage servicers.

The regulators will hear testimonies from homeowners and their advocates. Occupy Fights Foreclosures will present complaints describing serious ongoing violations by the banks and servicers against California homeowners. Christopher Wyatt, a former 20 year executive turned whistleblower with the mortgage servicing industry will share his recent discoveries of the abuses by the banks and servicers affecting struggling families in the Golden State. Mr. Wyatt provided the New York Department of Financial Services with evidence that led to the executive chairman of the embattled mortgage servicing firm Ocwen ordered to step down and to pay $150 million for their treatment of homeowners.

The DBO will have an opportunity to hear questions by the public and the media.



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Foreclosure Victims Occupy Senate Stump Speech of Kamala Harris

“Sold out! Sold out! Took money from Wall Street!” came shouts from the crowd when Senate candidate Kamala Harris took the stage at the California Democratic Party convention. As California Attorney General, Kamala Harris protected the banks from criminal prosecution for their crimes by orchestrating a sweetheart deal of a settlement. “Task Force? Task Fail! Criminal Bankers Should Be In Jail!”


ANAHEIM, CA—Homeowners frustrated at being denied a meeting with California Attorney General Kamala Harris for over four years attended this weekend’s California Democrats State Convention at the Anaheim Convention Center. Harris, who is running for the Senate seat that will be vacated upon Barbara Boxer’s retirement at the end of 2016, was scheduled to deliver a stump speech to the LA County Young Democrats in the Grand Plaza on Saturday afternoon.

Some of the foreclosure victims at Saturday’s protest were present for the much-heralded May 2011 launch of the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force. At that press conference, after identifying themselves as homeowner stakeholders, the foreclosure fighters were directed to a side room that Harris never addressed.

Thus began a years-long pattern of homeowner advocates requesting, but being denied, a meeting with California’s top law enforcement official. In May 2013, Occupy Fights Foreclosures wrote an open letter to AG Harris inquiring why no banks have been taken to trial in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Homeowners who traveled to her office were denied entry to the building. Not only has Kamala Harris repeatedly refused to meet with homeowner victims of fraudclosure, she has refused to delegate a member of her staff to do so.

At Saturday’s convention, advocates unfurled banners bearing the messages “$18 Billion Settlement Is Not Justice” and “Kamala Harris $ Sold Out Homeowners $ Protected Wall Street $.” Dozens of curious Democrats approached to ask for more information about the messages on the signs.

Attorney General Harris takes credit for fighting for homeowners to obtain the $26 billion dollar National Mortgage Settlement of 2012, which let the banksters at Ally/GMAC, Bank of America, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo off the hook for their crimes for pennies on the dollar. The foreclosure crisis cost California at least $650 billion, offset by a mere $18 billion of relief to struggling state homeowners via the National Mortgage Settlement.

Short sales comprise over half the $18 billion settlement. Short sales are still a devastating loss to individual families, who lose their home and often their entire life savings, which were invested as equity in their home. As for the 200,000 Californians who had been foreclosed on at the time of the settlement, they were entitled to $1,400 cash payments under the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement, as compensation for having their homes and life savings stolen by financial criminals.

A cardboard sign at the convention summarized the situation: “$650 Billion Stolen; Only 18 Billion ‘Repaid.’ Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay? Bankers Have It Made!”

Occupy Fights Foreclosures founding member Carlos Marroquin waved colorful placards with the messages “Harris Failed Families” and “Zero Bank Prosecution Kamala” as he walked among the convention crowd

When former Speaker of the California State Assembly John Pérez appeared in the Grand Plaza of the Anaheim Convention Center, Marroquin approached him to inquire, “What do you think about Kamala Harris and the ongoing foreclosure crisis?

“It's been over,” retorted Pérez as he disappeared back into the convention center, flanked by security guards in sunglasses.

Contrary to the statements of politicians, the foreclosure crisis is on-going, and banks continue to take people’s home by fraud. Kamala Harris protected the banks from criminal prosecution for their crimes by orchestrating a sweetheart deal of a settlement. Her Mortgage Fraud Strike Force was branded the “Strike Force That Never Struck” when a May 2014 East Bay Express investigation revealed that three years of prosecutorial inaction have allowed an industry of mortgage fraud to flourish in California. A bright orange poster at the convention decried her farce of a task force: “Task Force? Task Fail! Criminal Bankers Should Be In Jail!”

When Kamala took the stage Saturday afternoon, a chant immediately began: “Sold out! Sold out! Sold out the homeowners! Sold out the homeowners! Took money from Wall Street!”

One convention attendee attempted to physically move the protestor, but security intervened to allow the free speech to continue unabated.

“People are losing their homes! People are still losing their home, Kamala!” the protestor chided, before asking, “What happened to the money? What happened to the money, Kamala?”

One more conventioneer appeared from the audience to authoritatively request, “Can you let her speak?”

“No!” came the reply. Another voice joined in, “We want our homes! We lost our homes!”

“They took our homes! We’re losing our homes!”

“She does not care about the people! She’s not here for the people! Kamala Harris sold out: Eighteen billion dollars is not justice!”

“You don’t want to talk to homeowners!”

“Kamala Harris sold out! Mortgage settlements are not justice!”

Unable to gain any momentum in her speech, Kamala Harris concluded in two minutes. Members of Occupy Fights Foreclosures were thrilled to have finally expressed their grievances within hearing range of their elected official.

As Harris was escorted from the fenced-in Grand Plaza stage back to the safety of the Anaheim Convention Center, a clear and steady voice from the crowd observed, “Kamala Harris, people are still losing their homes.”

“People are still losing their homes, Kamala Harris. What are you doing to do about that?” he inquired. “Are you going to prosecute Wells Fargo?”

“The foreclosure crisis is going on!” interjected a female voice.

“It’s not over! There are 10,000 people right now in California losing their homes.”

“Mortgage settlements are not justice!” declared the woman, as an LA County Young Democrat in a navy blue suit held two campaign signs to block the crowd’s view of candidate Harris.

“Don’t fail the people like you have been doing!” came the final plea, as Senate candidate Kamala Harris walked away from her constituents.


Kamala Harris Speech California Democrats State Convention (5-16-2015) [2:05 video length]

Occupy Fights Foreclosures Questions Kamala Harris at CA Democrats State Convention [0:24 video length]

Why Protest Kamala Harris at CA Democrats State Convention [1:26 video length]

Kamala Harris 5/16/15 [speech is at 2:38 mark in this 4:37 minute long video]


Homeowners Occupy Kamala Harris at the Democratic Convention


“Considering Kamala Harris to Represent California Citizens” Occupy Fights Foreclosures, January 15, 2015.

[Press Release] Homeowners and Occupy Fights Foreclosures Ask Attorney General Harris, "How Many Banks Have You Brought To Trial?" Occupy Fights Foreclosures, May 23, 2013.

“The Strike Force That Never Struck.” East Bay Express, May 29, 2014.



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Occupy Fights Foreclosures Questions Kamala Harris at CA Democrats State Convention

Homeowners and activists from Occupy Fights Foreclosures challenged the California Attorney General Kamala Harris record on foreclosure and mortgage fraud. 

The US Senator candidate brags about her $18 billion mortgage fraud settlement that in fact did more for the banks than homeowners. The present foreclosure crisis has cost California around a $1 trillion and she settled for $18 billion. Is that justice? The agreement (sweetheart deal) has not stopped the banks from stealing people's homes and in fact they continue to break the rules and laws set by the State of California.

Video recording



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OFF & ACCE Protested Wells Fargo’s Abusive Foreclosures in Whittier & Studio City Branch

Families Protest Abusive Foreclosure Practices of Wells Fargo Bank

by Jessica Lux (Sunday, Apr. 26, 2015 at 10:37 AM)

Families feeling the abusive foreclosure practices of Wells Fargo occupied bank branches in both Whittier and Studio City on Saturday, April 25, 2015. Members of Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF) and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) asked local branch managers to forward letters describing violations of the California Homeowner Bill of Rights to Wells Fargo headquarters.


WHITTIER, CA—Shortly before noon on Saturday morning, a parade of families in “Occupy Fights Foreclosures” and “No to Housing Crime” t-shirts marched down Whittier Blvd.

As the first few homeowner advocates entered the busy East Los Angeles branch of Wells Fargo, security blocked the path of the procession. Livestreamer Patti Beers (@PMBeers) deftly stepped to the side of the first person blocked by security and entered the lobby to film the occupation.

Carlos Marroquin of Occupy Fights Foreclosures entered the lobby with a polite request, “May we speak to the manager, please? We need to speak to the manager.”

To the branch manager, he explained, “We have some homeowners that are being foreclosed by you guys. We are here to demand that the bank full open up a full investigation into their cases. We have a couple of letters we would like you to forward to headquarters, is that ok?”

“Yes, of course,” responded the branch manager.

Security locked the front doors of the bank as the noise of tribal drumming completely overwhelmed the acoustics of the bank lobby. The native dancers of Danza Azteca could be heard on the sidewalk outside, along with dozens of other families and homeowner advocates chanting, “Stop foreclosures in East L.A.!”

While waiting for the manager to forward the letters to headquarters, homeowner advocate Carlos Marroquin announced, “We are asking for fairness. We are asking for Wells Fargo to deal with homeowners in good faith, not to tell you one thing and then do something different behind their backs.”

“Some of these families are facing foreclosure because Wells Fargo tricked them into a loan modification, promised they would work with them, and then they sold off their homes behind their backs,” he continued.

“Second, Wells Fargo foreclosures continue to hurt the community. Here in LA., we have more foreclosures and more people going homeless than we ever have had before. We have people out there in the streets sleeping in their cars because Wells Fargo’s practices have added to the problem that already exists here in L.A. with homelessness.”

Next, Carlos introduced a woman currently suffering the abusive practices of this big bank. “We have a homeowner here. She’s facing eviction because Wells Fargo led her to believe that they were going to give her a loan modification. When she found out Wells Fargo was going to sell her home, she gathered all the money, she borrowed money, she did whatever she could, to be able to satisfy the late penalties and the payments that Wells Fargo had instructed her to do. Wells Fargo refused to take the money from the homeowner and went ahead and foreclosed on her. That is a great violation of the Homeowners Bill of Rights because she was under the loan modification process. Now she’s facing eviction.”

California’s Homeowner Bill of Rights, effective as of January 2013, prohibits mortgage lenders from negotiating loan modifications while pursuing foreclosure proceedings (otherwise known as “dual-track foreclosures"). The law also guarantees that borrowers have a single point of contact for loan modification negotiation.

Signs carried by the several activists in the lobby bore messages such as “Hell Fargo,” “Bank of Thieves,” “End the Fraud,” and “Wells Fargo Embargos.”

“Wells Fargo is known for their abuses,” declared Carlos. “This message is for John Stumpf. I hope that he understands that he’s hurting families, he’s hurting our children, he’s hurting seniors. He needs to stand up and do the right thing. Wells Fargo has made record profits on the backs of the American people.”

The National Mortgage Settlement of 2012 benefited the banks and the government, not the people. Banks received immunity from prosecution, and the government received a cash infusion for neglecting to pursue justice against the banksters who gambled with the national economy. As Carlos explained in the lobby of Wells Fargo, “Settling with the banks and the Department of Justice is not enough, because those settlements never reached the people. We want to make sure any settlements go directly to the victims, not to benefit the banks against short sales, or any other way they say they are helping the families. The fact is they are not helping the families.”

Outside the Whittier Wells Fargo, Danza Azteca energized the crowd with their rhythmic music and dance. Nowhere Man, stalwart supporter of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Los Angeles, and Occupy Fights Foreclosures, silently encouraged the crowd to “Imagine Fairness” as he walked the sidewalk along Whittier Blvd. A gigantic banner satirized the red, black, and yellow Wells Fargo logo with the message “We’re Felons.”

The locations of Saturday’s actions were not publicly disclosed in advance. Only a morning meet-up location in downtown L.A. was provided to participants and media. Regardless, security in Whittier appeared to be on high alert Saturday morning. Half a dozen security guards on bicycles circled the shopping center parking lot outside the Wells Fargo branch in advance of the protest. However, twenty minutes elapsed between the start of the lobby protest and the arrival of representatives of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department (LASD).

Parking two squad cars on the side of the branch, three sheriff deputies entered the Wells Fargo lobby. Upon exiting, they briefly set up a perimeter in front of the doors. One asked a man carrying a “Wells Fargo: King of Foreclosures” sign a question, and received such a passionate response that the deputy nodded and stepped back in deference to the man’s right to express his grievances against Wells Fargo.

Sheriff Deputy Fonseca demonstrated a hostile attitude, intimidating videographer Patti Beers into stepping back from one portion of the sidewalk. He then retreated to corner of the sidewalk with the other law enforcement officers and private security. Multiple private security guards recorded Saturday’s action on phone cameras, once they had the protection of the LASD.

After several homeowners pleaded with the bank over the public address system, the crowd of protestors marched down the sidewalk to the corner of Whittier & Goodrich, chanting, “Hey Wells Fargo, what do you say? How many homes did you steal today?" Appearing to consider their job protecting the bank to be finished, LASD left the scene.

Simultaneous to the action in East Los Angeles, members of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) occupied a Wells Fargo branch in Studio City, CA to bring attention to the plight of an 80-year-old woman who has lived in her home for five decades. Wells Fargo would rather evict her than work out a loan modification.

One foreclosure fighter reported that Studio City branch management were red-faced at the intrusion. A security guard accused the group of “intimidating” the tellers (who were smiling at the families standing up for their rights). She responded, "They are behind bullet proof glass. Try fighting the bank for your house."


Occupy Fights Foreclosures (Inside Wells Fargo Lobby) by @PMBeers [42:49 video length] 

Occupy Fights Foreclosures (Corner of Whittier Blvd) by @PMBeers [14:30 video length] 

Occupy Wells Fargo for Abusive Foreclosure Practices (April 25, 2015) [9:30 video length] 

Danza Azteca Occupy Wells Fargo (April 25, 2015) [00:59 video length] 

Sheriffs Arrive at Occupy Wells Fargo Protest of Abusive Foreclosures (April 25, 2015) [10:47 video length] 


Occupy Wells Fargo, April 25 2015 by Carlos Themailman 

Occupy Wells Fargo to Protest Abusive Foreclosures by @OccupyLAOWS

Originally appeared on Los Angeles Indymedia

Visit Indymedia for more articles about our protest and our previous protests!

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Mortgage settlements are not justice,” observes Occupy Fights Foreclosures, examining the record of California’s Attorney General on the eve of her Senate campaign announcement.

California attorney general Kamala Harris has announced plans to run for the Senate seat that will be vacated when Senator Barbara Boxer retires at the end of her term in 2016. As a California elected official, Harris has a track record of using buzzwords with bluster, so it comes as no surprise that her campaign announcement paid vague lip service to the plight of the populace:

"I will be a fighter for the next generation on the critical issues facing our country. I will be a fighter for middle class families who are feeling the pinch of stagnant wages and diminishing opportunity. I will be a fighter for our children who deserve a world-class education, and for students burdened by predatory lenders and skyrocketing tuition. And I will fight relentlessly to protect our coast, our immigrant communities and our seniors.”

A close examination of her tenure as Attorney General reveals a talented politician who capitalizes on the pressing issues of the day, without following through to actually protect the interests of the people.

FKamala Harris Refuses to Meet with Foreclosure Activists Visiting Her Office in Sacramentoormer San Francisco district attorney Harris was elected to the office of California Attorney General in 2010, amidst the national foreclosure crisis. In May 2011, she announced the launch of a Mortgage Fraud Strike Force pursue foreclosure fraud. On the two-year anniversary, in May 2013, Occupy Fights Foreclosures wrote an open letter to the Attorney General to ask, "How Many Banks Have You Brought To Trial?" Several dozen homeowners who traveled to her office in Sacramento were denied entry to the building; no member of her staff would appear to hear their concerns. On the third anniversary, in May 2014, the East Bay Express decried “The Strike Force That Never Struck,” noting that the only results have been ten prosecutions of foreclosure consultant fraud, far fewer than other states. California has developed a reputation as a safe haven for scam artists.

County-level district attorneys have a far better track record prosecuting mortgage fraud than that demonstrated by Attorney General Kamala Harris in the last four years. Los Angeles County prosecuted 103 cases in 2013; Orange County estimated about 40 open cases of foreclosure fraud in 2014. In Fresno County, the work has been largely left to private attorneys, who are drastically limited in the scope of their investigative duties. No help has been forthcoming from the Office of the Attorney General, despite the multi-million dollar budget of the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force.

Kamala Harris claims to have won concessions from major banks in the National Mortgage Settlement, but an examination of the numbers reveals that the $410 million California received of the $2.5 billion dollar national settlement was a boon to the state government’s general fund, not to struggling homeowners. Pro Publica published a 2012 report showing California used $306 million to balance the state budget, $86 million for investigations, and a paltry $18.4 million was reserved for homeowner counseling and overseeing the mortgage settlement. Although the banks have claimed $18 billion of relief to homeowners, over half of the total has come in the form of short sales, which still result in the devastating loss of a home. A significant portion of the actual cash relief came in the form of $1,400 payments to 200,000 Californians who lost their homes to foreclosure. To date, over 1 million homes have been foreclosed in California since the start of the Great Recession.

By negotiating settlements, instead of prosecuting banks, Kamala Harris rewarded the bankers who gambled with the world economy. The Center for Economic and Policy Research estimates the cost of the entire housing bubble to be over $8 trillion, with $1 trillion of that affecting California individuals and municipal governments. In 2012 alone, Americans lost $192.6 billion in wealth due to the foreclosure crisis. Kamala Harris is proud of helping negotiate a settlement of a few billion dollars—just a tiny fraction of the total cost to the economy. Banks broke the law but continue to rake in tens of billions of dollars in profits each year. We, the People, know that settlements are not justice. Settlements benefit the government with a cash infusion and banks with immunity for past crimes. Banks continue to skirt the edge of the law, confident they will be able to pay their way out of future crimes.

The California Homeowner Bill of Rights, which went into effect at the beginning of 2013, purports to protect homeowners struggling to keep their homes, by prohibiting mortgage lenders from negotiating loan modifications while pursuing foreclosure proceedings, providing borrowers with a single point of contact for negotiation, prohibiting robo-signing of foreclosure documents, and allowing homeowners to sue for violations of the law. The law also has a provision for special grand jury proceedings to prosecute financial crimes that span multiple counties. Despite these increased investigative and prosecutorial powers, the number of banks brought to trial remains at zero.

Without enforcement by California’s chief law enforcement officer, the Homeowner Bill of Rights has languished. Judges continue to dismiss and ignore allegations of robo-signing in court proceedings. Mortgage servicers courting aggressive growth find it easier to ignore the law than to spend resources implementing the provisions of the statute. Ocwen, the nation’s fourth-largest mortgage servicer, regularly violates the provisions of the Homeowner Bill of Rights, and employees profess having no knowledge of the law. Finally, on January 13, 2015, the California Department of Business Oversight announced the launch of license suspension proceedings against Ocwen for failure to demonstrate compliance with the Homeowner Bill of Rights. This public declaration happened to coincide with the day of Kamala Harris’s Senate campaign announcement.

Kamala Harris used homeowners to secure her political future, but in the end, she has refused to pursue justice by prosecuting any bankers. Despite early promises, little has been done to deter the crimes and risky financial practices that created the housing bubble. Harris has failed to enforce the California Homeowners Bill of Rights, creating a scammer’s paradise in the Golden State. The state’s share of the mortgage settlement funds were used to balance the budget, not help individual homeowners. Kamala Harris has a demonstrated record of helping big government and big banks, refusing to meet with her constituents, and failing to deliver on her promises. Is this the politician we want to represent the interests of California citizens in the Senate?


Further Reading:

“Billion Dollar Bait & Switch: States Divert Foreclosure Deal Funds.” ProPublica, May 22, 2012.

“Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces Passage of Bills in California Homeowner Bill of Rights Package.” Office of the Attorney General, May 30, 2012.

“Where Are the Foreclosure Deal Millions Going in Your State?” ProPublica, Oct. 23, 2012.

“Homeowners and Occupy Fights Foreclosures Ask Attorney General Harris, ‘How Many Banks Have You Brought To Trial?’” Occupy Fights Foreclosures, May 23, 2013.

“Default Mode: How Ocwen Skirts California’s Mortgage Laws.” Capital & Main, May 5, 2014.

“The Strike Force That Never Struck.” East Bay Express, May 29, 2014.

“The Foreclosure Crisis Is Still Unsettled.” East Bay Express, Apr. 23, 2014.

# # #

Download this statement as PDF


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Occupy Fights Foreclosures Statement regarding Recent Announcement of Guidelines Changes on the Keep Your Home California Program.

Los Angeles—The news of a more embracing set of guidelines from KYHCA, is most welcome and encouraging.

So many Californians have lost their homes because they did not fit into the stringent guideline requirements of KYHCA’s restrictive program even though there were plenty of resources available to help distressed homeowners. Those distressed homeowners losing their most precious lifetime asset, their homes, to banks and servicers utilizing fraudulent means to take over homes.

Those fraudulent activities continue today with little or no government oversight.

KYHCA’s new and proactive guidelines generate hope and finally relief to homeowners and communities up and down the State.

It is good when government supports its people first before the interests of Wall Street.

We Hope that the remainder $1.4 Billion Of the $2 Billion California received in 2010 can be used as quickly as possible and that more aid be allocated to help struggling homeowners.

We laud this accomplishment and all the effort that went into it.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures

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Press Release: “Homes For Vets Now!” Occupy Fights Foreclosures To March On Veterans Day

Sunday, November 9, 2014
CONTACT: Carlos Marroquin 323-592-4663

“Homes for Vets Now!” pleads Occupy Fights Foreclosures

SAN FERNANDO, CA—On Tuesday, November 11th, veterans fighting foreclosure and homeless vets will join Occupy Fights Foreclosures marching in the San Fernando Valley Veterans Day Parade. The parade begins at 11:11 AM at the corner of Laurel Canyon and San Fernando Mission Boulevards in the City of Mission Hills. The procession will travel 1.1 miles along Laurel Canyon Blvd to the Ritchie Valens Recreation Center.

One out of three unhoused people are veterans. Veteran homeowners and homeless are marching to bring awareness to the ongoing foreclosure crisis. Many veterans continue to fight to stay in their homes while some less fortunate already have joined the countless other homeless people and families on the streets without a roof over their heads. During the foreclosure crisis, banks have taken full advantage of our veterans, who not only have to fight to keep and find jobs, but have to deal with long term illnesses, the high cost of medications, and a bureaucratic system moves slowly, putting them at high risk to lose their homes.

In America, there are about two million vacant homes and tens of thousands homeless veterans without help. Congress acted quickly to protect the banks but has failed to protect our real heroes—our veterans. There are new laws that protect active duty military personnel from financial institutions acting against them while overseas on tour of duty, but nothing to protect those that honorably served and defended the country. As a country, are we really honoring and protecting those who fought to protect our freedoms? Congress need to act immediately to protect our veterans regardless of when they served. America owes our real patriots, not Wall Street.

Recommended locations for viewing the parade include the review stand at Brand Blvd & Laurel Canyon Blvd, the intersection of Chatsworth Blvd & Laurel Canyon Blvd, in front of San Fernando High School, and at the Ritchie Valens Recreation Center. The parade culminates with a carnival at the Ritchie Valens Recreation Center (10736 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Pacoima, CA 91331). Occupy Fights Foreclosures will have a table of information to help any veterans fighting foreclosure at the end of the parade route.

Anyone interested in fighting back against foreclosures and homelessness is encouraged to join Occupy Fights Foreclosures (meets Sunday from 2–4pm and Tuesday from 7–9pm at 530 Ramirez St., Los Angeles).

Occupy Fights Foreclosures marches in San Fernando Valley Veterans’ Day Parade
11:11 AM on Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Laurel Canyon & San Fernando Mission Blvd, City of San Fernando, CA
**Participants to arrive by 9:30 AM for staging**

# # #

permlink | Download as PDF

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Ghosts of Wall Street Visit Hollywood on Halloween

Los Angeles, CA—On Friday October 31st, 2014, The Ghosts of Wall Street paraded through Hollywood Street Fair until 10 pm PST.

Photos by Damon D'Amato

Photos by Bohrnagin Ferthheluvitt and Carlos Themailman

Damon D'Amato wrote: 

Occupy Fights Foreclosures, with Occupy LA, Occupy Venice Beach, and other friends, hit Hollywood Blvd — the Boulevard of Broken American Dreams — to unveil the vampires and uncover the undead zombie bankers and other monsters that are too big to jail. 

They got bailed out. We got sold out.


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Press Release: GHOSTS OF WALL STREET Halloween Night on Hollywood Blvd

Friday, October 31, 2014
Contact: Carlos Marroquin 323-592-4663

GHOSTS OF WALL STREET Halloween Night on Hollywood Blvd
“Nightmares from Wall Street haunt us all,” says Occupy Fights Foreclosures

HOLLYWOOD – On Friday, October 31st, a coalition of activists will present the “Ghosts of Wall Street” educational spectacle during the Hollywood Halloween Street Fair. This traditional holiday celebration takes place from dusk to 10 PM along Hollywood Blvd with expected attendance of 50,000 or more. Ghosts of Wall Street will proceed along Hollywood Blvd, departing from the corner of Hollywood & Vine at 7PM on Halloween night.

The nightmare is real—the greed of “the 1%” continues to grow. Banks including J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and others committed trillions of dollars of fraud on colossal scale that continues to have lasting repercussions long past the initial 2008 financial crisis. The government has rubber stamped mortgage fraud settlements that merely reinforce that it will be possible for bankers to pay their way out of future crimes. Wall St. has benefited from the housing crisis by snatching up properties at bargain prices and expanding the rental market.

A massive student debt bubble is looming over the youth of today. Tuition prices continue to rise, yet the rate of return on a college degree is decreasing, as students graduate and fail to find full employment. We are saddling an entire generation with student loan debts that may outweigh future earning power and are dischargeable only by death.

The goal of this “Nightmares From Wall St.” action is to raise awareness about how Wall St. still haunts the people, harming families, and robbing us of opportunities. The people of Los Angeles are facing universal struggles of rising rents, student loans that can never be written off, continued fraudclosures and financial crimes of the big banks, and the corporate control of politics at all levels. #GOWS represents a chance to educate and active more people to join the movement against the greed of the 1%. Anyone interested in fighting back is encouraged to join Occupy Fights Foreclosures (meets Sunday from 2-4pm and Tuesday from 7-9pm at 530 Ramirez St., Los Angeles) and Occupy Los Angeles (meets Wednesday at 7:30 PM on the south steps of Los Angeles City Hall).

Specific issues of concern include:

- Students are saddled with debt for life
- Homeowners are victims of fraudclosure
- Families are priced out of the rental market
- Cities are ripped off by municipal bond rigging
- Corporations control politics & devour the environment

Ghosts of Wall Street #GOWS #Halloween2014
Nightmares From Wall Street #NFWS

7PM Friday, October 31 @ corner of Hollywood & Vine, Los Angeles, CA 90028

**STAGING at Hollywood & Sunset from 5-6:30 PM**

# # #


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